Pharos: Making Print The Way It Should Be

By K M Pickhardt, CEO, Pharos

Pharos Systems has a new take on an old problem. The company has a passion for one of the oldest information technologies still in use – printing.

While technologies have advanced significantly in the last decade, printing has remained largely unchanged since Xerox introduced laser printing to the modern office in 1980. Unchanged except that today, most organizations have almost as many printers as employees.

Pharos attributes the static nature of printing in large part to the fact that printing is driven more by habit than mindful choice. Many organizations approach printing from the perspective of the printing device. However, Pharos recognizes that it is people that print, not devices. And with people, habit trumps just about everything. This habitual printing has led to problems for nearly every organization.

The problem with printing is that it is expensive, it creates efficiency problems in most institutions, it has a significant negative impact on the environment, and it can be a source of security concerns. These printing problems were addressed byPresidential Executive Order 13589 -Promoting Efficient Spending, which contains a section dedicated to reducingprint in government agencies.

Pharos’vision is a world in which printing does not present these problems, and their technologies are starting to make it so. Pharos solutions help organizations significantly reduce their print volume and related costs, and they provide customers with easy access to the information and analytics they need to make informed decisions. Mindful, healthy printing choices depend upon continual feedback on the complex network of users, printers and documents.

Pharos software enables organizations to:

  1. Secure, control,and optimize their printing environment.
  2. Simplify their print infrastructure to reduce costs and improve access for those who print.
  3. Make informed, effective decisions by providing access to comprehensive analytics about their print environment and the people who print.

Pharos also provides professional services that enable clients to design print strategy, set effective targets, and take the actions required to achieve those targets.

In addition, Pharos provides world-classsupport to their customers to help them produce business results and quickly realize a significant return on their investment.

Pharos offers on-premise software solutions with their Blueprint family of products, and recently introduced a cloud platform called Beacon. Their solutions also support the growing mobile workforce by enabling printing from phones and tablets; employees can print to a secure, encrypted queue and then authenticate at any printer within the system to collect their documents.

Pharos not only recommends optimized printing strategies, they implement them as well.

“We are the only solution provider trusted by multiple Fortune 100 companies to manage end-to-end office printing on their behalf, including assessment, strategy development, user behavior change management, technology implementation, and print analytics,” said Kevin Pickhardt, CEO of Pharos.

Pharos links its many customers through its robust user community, where people canshare information, strategies and benchmarks. “Pharos believes in the power of discovery,” shared Dale McIntyre, VP of Marketing, “the community is always smarter than any individual.”

Pharos has been security qualified and already has several major government customers. Pharos supports the CAC/PIV security standard on single-function and multi-function printing devices from a variety of manufacturers. Pharos products are available through GSA NumberGS-03F-048AA.

Government agencies print – and wherever print is happening, there is an opportunity for significant savings.

The road map ahead

Pharos will continue to advance its on-premise technology solutions andlead the future of print management in the cloud. Mobility will continue to gain momentum and Pharos solutions will continue to embrace mobile apps on all major platforms.Print security in the Federal markets will continue to be an emphasis for the company, with expanding product lines for both MFD and SFDs that support the CAC/PIV standard.

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