PerfectForms: Customer-Driven Product Experience

PerfectForms, as the name suggests, facilitates the creation of pixel-perfect, custom forms through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. By empowering anyone to build online forms, workflow applications and reports without writing any code, PerfectForms saves time and improves workflow processes while freeing up critical IT resources.

Though PerfectForms can be used in any industry, educational institutions, which must always track expenditures carefully, have benefited particularly from using the software. Examples of success stories for educational institutions include:

  • University of Tennessee at Martin has saved over $8 million since introducing PerfectForms in 2008
  • Visalia School District saves $10,000 annually from automating a single print process
  • Houston Community College has automated over than 200 administrative forms and workflows using PerfectForms
  • University of Portland uses PerfectForms to streamline workflows, free up IT resources, and reduce labor costs by automating paper-based processes

No Programming Required

One of the most important advantages of PerfectForms as an application development platform is that anyone can build online forms, workflows, and reports without having to write code. It’s simply a matter of dragging and dropping form or workflow elements into place on a virtual canvas. Users can create engaging front-end interfaces, map workflows, build reports, and integrate with third party software and databases. In other words, making streamlined, automated workflows does not require tapping IT resources, since PerfectForms is designed to be used by non-programmers.

Increase Workflow Efficiency While Cutting Operational Costs

Introducing PerfectForms to automate form and workflow processes, not only reduces dependence on technical resources, but also reduces development and deployment time. Eliminating complexity and improving workflow compliance reduces operational costs and offers full visibility at every step of the process. Educational institutions have benefited tremendously, automating processes like student admissions, employee on-boarding, maintenance requests, inventory tracking, expense reporting, IT help requests, and more. Given the flexible nature, PerfectForms allows any manual or outdated process related to data collection, data integration, workflow compliance, and reporting to be automated.

PerfectForms is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources that have to improve inefficient processes.

Industry Accolades for PerfectForms

Workflow experts have taken notice, too. In just the past couple of years, PerfectForms has received the following industry recognition:

  • CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Education Solution Provider for 2014 and 2015
  • CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Workflow Management Solution Providers, 2015
  • CIO Applications – 25 Workflow Solutions Transforming Business, 2016

Don’t expect the pace of innovation to slow down in coming years. PerfectForms’ culture is customer-centric, not only providing exceptional quality service and responsiveness, but also using customer feedback to drive the prioritization of product enhancements. PerfectForms’ CEO, Paula Selvidge, with an extensive background in IT and User-Centered Design, has the passion and drive necessary to ensure the culture remains focused on delivering the features and customer service PerfectForms customers have come to expect.

Keys to PerfectForms’ Amazing Utility Across Industries
PerfectForms ( attributes its success to several key factors. For one, its solutions are extremely agile and incredibly scalable, so successful workflow automation projects can be developed and deployed quickly and the benefits can be enjoyed right away. It’s also remarkably flexible, with the intuitive Form Designer containing an impressive array of design options that can be tailored to meet a large variety of functional or aesthetic requirements. And, by offering open API and web services, which allows easier sharing of data with third party systems, PerfectForms significantly cuts the costs of customized solutions.In the near future, the company plans to launch an exciting, modernized product experience and expand its offering for data integration with legacy systems, which will allow customers to easily create customized applications for their unique requirements. PerfectForms is committed to helping customers move forward and enjoy the benefits of automated forms and workflows, whether or not programming resources are available.


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