Paragon Solutions: Providing High Quality Information Technology and Advisory Services That Deliver Business Value

The financial services market today is faced with several significant challenges. Most significant among them is delivering a consistent and seamless client-centric customer experience anytime, anywhere, across physical and digital channels with the highest level of data security and compliance – all in an environment with relentless pressure on the bottom line. The delivery of a technologically-savvy and easily accessible customer experience cannot be understated.

Paragon Solutions is an advisory consulting and systems integration firm that specializes in enterprise information management. Paragon Solutions Financial Services and Insurance team provides industry-specific expertise, strategies and technologies that help some of the leading wealth management, global insurance and banking institutions to improve operations by transforming processes through digital automation.

One of the ways they do this is through their ‘voice of the client’ appraisal procedure which they use to encourage investigation of complex business processes and comprehend the effect on customer experience.

Their deep industry knowledge and expertise offers a unique ability to understand the experience of customer-facing roles like agents, brokers, and operations associates involved in the end-to-end process, providing for a more holistic view of the experience of everyone in the value chain.

Paragon’s Information Management practice leverages a diverse set of disciplines to improve the collection, management and distribution of information in a manner conducive to security, regulatory compliance and search. Its intelligent content capture, enterprise content management, records management, custom output and archiving solutions help organizations to drive operations efficiencies, improve compliance risk and reduce overall IT costs.

More organizations are moving to digitize transactions at the source, such as mobile check deposit or pictures captured at the scene of a car accident to initiate claims.

Paragon’s Financial Services and Insurance group stays abreast of these rising trends by taking part in industry discussions and conferences, following research analysts, monitoring technology evolution and joining forces with driving innovative organizations.

As it works with leading banking, wealth management and insurance companies across the United States, Paragon is seeing strong demand in assisting organizations develop fully digital processes that dramatically reduce costs and cycle time by enabling rules based technologies like business process management to automate manual, error prone human tasks. Additionally, digitizing content early in the business process allows organizations to improve control and governance over information, applying record specific rules and rights management to improve compliance and security.

As an example, Paragon recently completed an engagement with a multibillion-dollar financial services organization who was looking to significantly reduce their IT spend and enhance data security by archiving end of life application data. Paragon established a sustainable managed service to execute archiving resulting in over $15 million in annual savings.

For over 30-years, Paragon Solutions has been a reliable partner to the top Financial Services and Insurance industry leaders. Today, Paragon Solutions is recognized as an advisory consulting and systems integration company specializing in business process optimization, information management and information governance.
Paragon is committed to providing value to their existing and future clients throughout their customer journey. They will continue to collaborate with technology providers to develop and implement best-in-class solutions for financial services leaders, while keeping an eye on the customer service demands of the future.


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