NightOwl Discovery: A Trusted Information Management Partner for Corporations

NightOwl Discovery provides a complete range of services and technology-driven tools for corporations to address the entire EDRM spectrum, from early-stage litigation hold consulting to data mapping, collection, processing, hosting, document review and production. NightOwl also helps companies design and implement a defensible, documented information management lifecycle plan. The expert team at NightOwl is lead by Andrea Wallack, CEO.

NightOwl has firsthand experience with the most taxing discovery situations, such as addressing the security risks inherent in and associated with collecting and providing data to a multitude of requesting parties.

In addition, NightOwl helps their clients maximize and recover a portion of their legal spend from review of large data sets by turning that information into an active corporate intelligence asset, as well as by finding proactive ways to reuse prior data collections at a fraction of the price.

“What sets NightOwl apart from our competitors is our longevity in this industry, our depth of staff expertise and our programmatic approach to data management,” says CEO Andrea Wallack.

NightOwl’s key products and services are:

  1. Corporate Fixed-fee-based Managed Discovery
  2. Managed Review
  3. Advanced Analytics
  4. Data Disposition and Legal Hold Repository
  5. Management
  6. Strategic Infrastructure Consulting for Legal Technologies
  7. Information Governance Support
  8. Security and Cyber Assessment Services

NightOwl continues to be an innovator in the information management and governance space. It recently built a client portfolio management platform called nSight®to help improve oversight of data collection, analysis and access to sensitive information. This tool offers companies one more way to safeguard mission-critical data that could pose a significant business risk should it be inadvertently exposed to unfriendly or nefarious third parties.

NightOwl has helped hundreds of clients reduce and manage costs while improving the discovery and information management process from collection to production.

For example, one large financial services company with more than 20,000 employees and offices throughout the world was faced with out-of-control discovery costs that had spiraled to well over six figures each month.

In addition to the growing expense, the company’s collected data was split among multiple vendors and a variety of hosting and review platforms, making litigation management extremely difficult, and leaving the company with no way to achieve economies of scale.

Even worse, the company was unable to effectively reuse relevant data previously collected for other litigation events, which meant it continued to pay for repetitive collection, as well as redundant processing, hosting and review.

NightOwl provided this client with a customized, single-source discovery solution called nVision® that combines litigation hold consulting with secure hosting and data processing in a preferred pricing model.

This combination of services delivers predictable costs, provides significant savings through volume discounts and data consolidation, and also lets clients more efficiently assess their entire data universe and underlying litigation risk.

By consolidating this client’s data from three different hosting and review platforms to one—a dedicated Relativity environment at NightOwl—they can now easily migrate data across cases as needed, avoiding unnecessary collection, processing, hosting and review expenses.

NightOwl is committed to delivering high-quality services at a manageable price, while continuing to vet and study new cutting-edge technologies and apply them in a way that increases enterprise value for clients from the costly collections and legal process through data analysis.

NightOwl’s expert staff continually designs and builds next-generation software and data management tools that deliver ever more exacting control over, security for and analysis of client data, thereby improving risk management and reducing legal spend.

NightOwl Discovery’s ultimate corporate goal is to help the clients throughout the world discover and implement the best, most cost-efficient ways available in which to manage their complex data management and litigation readiness needs.


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