Future-Proof Marketing Strategies for your Business

B2B Marketing Strategies

In its initial years, Digital Alchemy (DA) had started off as an analytics company with a number of actuaries delivering solutions to specific business problems. Over time, the need to host client data increased, which led Digital Alchemy to expand its business into customer data hosting; for data-driven marketing purposes. With access to all customer data, offering campaign design and delivery services was inevitable and a logical pivot. This marked the company’s entry into the Marketing Automation space.

Marketing Services

The growth of Digital Alchemy did not stop there. They saw an opportunity to offer additional services, specifically in Marketing Strategy, which would ensure that they were capable of offering a complete E2E Marketing Service. They quickly became one of the largest Marketing Service Providers (MSP) in the regions, working alongside some of Australia’s biggest brands. Quite recently, the company expanded their offerings in Dynamic Decisioning utilising AI/ Machine Learning technologies. In the process, they also enhanced their service offering in managing customer engagement via ownership & management of complete E2E loyalty programs. This includes technology, program design & initiation, and ongoing management across ATL & BTL activities.

Digital Alchemy ensures that the technology is built with the future in mind, and that it is, ready to grow and adapt accordingly. Being able to scale marketing activity is essential, and there should be no limits to how many campaigns one can build as long as they’re relevant. In addition to that, Dynamic Decisioning empowers marketers to make more accurate decisions. Individual recommendations can be made available across all channels in real time. Recommendations can be used in emails, on websites as customers interact with brands, or on apps and other interaction platforms. The engine ingests specific customer related data in batches or in real-time, applies the required learning algorithms, and then provides recommendations accordingly.

Customers opting for Digital Alchemy stand to benefit from multiple advantages. The company has access to a large and very experienced resource pool, ready to support clients across different disciplines, aimed at improving customer engagement and experience. Digital Alchemy makes use of extensive experience to recommend the most suitable solution/ service to ensure clients achieve their goals quickly and within their budgets. The company constantly challenges themselves and innovates to remain relevant and ahead. Digital Alchemy’s Recruitment and Development programs, are well regarded in the industry as they ensure they have top talent to service their clients.

Digital Alchemy primarily focuses on four key factors; to provide the best marketing automation.

The first factor being Scalability, wherein the platform is built with the future in mind and ready for growth. It is capable of handling big data empowering marketers to build 100s and 1000s of campaigns per month.

The second factor is Efficiency, where all repetitive tasks are automated while making a resource pool available to manage operations, thereby allowing marketers to focus on learning and developing strategies.

The third focus area is Dynamic Decisioning; through which the presentation of relevant conversations and offers in real-time where customer interactions with brand is prioritized.

The final factor is Transparency; where dashboards and program performance insights are provided daily to assess and monitor performance. Through agile management, performance is actively monitored and tweaks are proactively made in order to maximize returns.

In the coming years, Digital Alchemy plans to foray further into Loyalty Program ownership and management. In addition to that, the company also has plans to expand and further develop its AI offerings. As part of its global expansion plans, Digital Alchemy has set its sights on strengthening its presence in the APAC region and North America, where they have recently opened a Toronto office.

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