Currently, Educational institutions continuously face challenges with their legacy IT infrastructure. New trends such as online learning, educational portals, state-wide testing, BYOD, virtualization, learning applications and instructional videos have helped towards creating new models of teaching and learning. The IT infrastructure of educational institutions needs to be more adaptable than ever to adapt under tighter budgets and with limited IT resources while simultaneously adhering to standards.

Nutanix helps educational institutions by making cloud infrastructure invisible and elevating education IT to focus on the applications and services that matter. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software converges private, public and distributed clouds, bringing one-click simplicity to infrastructure and application management. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solutions power any application and are delivered as hyper-converged appliances, flexible software, and Xi Cloud Services.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is a unified IT operating environment that melds on-premises, private, public and distributed clouds, providing a single point of control for managing infrastructure and applications in any cloud.

The modern Cloud Era has fundamentally reset expectations for education IT services. Internal and external consumers of these education IT resources demand the same agility and scalability of public clouds. As a result, today’s CIOs need to bring true cloud-like simplicity and flexibility to their data centers to stay competitive and to support their constituents.

Nutanix has more than 7000 customers in 120+ countries, including leading educational organizations and more than one-quarter of Global 2000 companies. One prominent case in which Nutanix provided their solutions was with Texas A&M University Systems, where the organization delivered the following results and value:

  • Accelerated deployment time from hours to just 15 minutes
  • Eliminated tens of thousands of dollars per year for a competitor’s hypervisor and hardware licensing
  • Reduced data center footprint from 4 fully loaded racks to just one 2U appliance
  • Simplified management with one unified console

In more ways than one, Nutanix has managed to stand apart from its competing organizations. While the latter offers traditional data center architectures, Nutanix eliminates IT silos and inefficiencies by converging different layers of the infrastructure stack including storage, server, virtualization, networking and more – with single pane management that makes IT infrastructure invisible. Also, Nutanix is built using distributed web-scale technologies with one-click application-centric management, in contrast to their competing hyper-converged infrastructure products. In addition to that, Nutanix is the only organization that allows customers to choose the virtualization technology, hardware platform and cloud environment that is best for their business. Another major difference that sets Nutanix apart is its lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the majority of education and enterprise applications that have predictable demand characteristics, unlike public cloud offerings like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Lastly, Nutanix also enables customers to balance the owning and renting of IT services for greater financial flexibility.

The resilience, scalability and performance to run all of your applications without compromise.

Nutanix holds numerous patents and intellectual property rights to their products & technologies, including:

  • Acropolis – 100% software-driven infrastructure stack which converges storage, virtualization, networking & security to deliver any type of application (including virtual workloads, container-based services & bare metal applications)
  • Prism – Intuitive, consumer-grade management for end-to-end infrastructure management and operations.
  • Calm – Advanced automation and orchestration of applications running in Nutanix clouds and public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Xi Cloud Services – Nutanix cloud services that natively extend the capabilities of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, including integrated disaster recovery services.

In the coming months and years, in order to adapt to the fast-changing trends, it is critical that education IT leaders build their next-generation infrastructure. This would also naturally imply that they need to look beyond their current legacy vendors, architectures, and build data centers that rival public clouds. Nutanix will lead in this space and will help education IT organizations leverage the latest innovations as they put their datacenter and cloud strategies into practice. Nutanix provides real-world answers and solutions to education IT problems related to building and implementing a successful cloud strategy, the best timing for leveraging public cloud services, the innovations in data center technologies that drive greater efficiency and performance, and striking the right balance between renting and owning cloud infrastructure.

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