Whenever you purchase a new vehicle there’s a lot of happiness and enthusiasm for driving it. Right! However, as you know, while driving on the road, having a driving license is not sufficient. You must also have proper insurance of the vehicle failing to which can lead to huge fines and other penalties on your driving record.

Rules are made just for the safety of you and other passengers traveling in your vehicle. In addition to this, the insurance policy of an automobile can provide you with several benefits related to medical expenses, property damage costs, road accidents, and more.  So, it is good to know the crucial elements associated with vehicle insurance to avoid any adverse circumstances and maintain safety.     

When you have to pay fines?

The fines and other charges are applied in two cases- first, you have insurance but fail to present it to a traffic officer, and second, you do not have it. There can be situations when you would have an insurance policy but forget to put the papers in your vehicle and unable to present them on asking by the traffic police. In such a case, later, you can show the documents in court to prove you have insurance and the charges can be nullified. If an original copy of the papers is misplaced or lost, you can get a digital copy of them online also. But, if you get ready to pay fine, the charges can be recorded on your driving record for the next three years, this will also affect the installments you pay for the insurance.   

On the other hand, although driving without insurance is not a huge crime, yet, if you really do not have an insurance policy, there might be serious consequences that you may face. For instance, after an accident, you solely have to pay the expenses of repairs, etc. Also, if you drive without valid auto insurance in Ontario, Jeff Preszler with Preszler Law Firm (https://www.preszlerlaw-ns.com/) warns that you can be subject to large fines. Depending on the situation, your car can be impounded for more than three months. The amount of the fine can be between 50$ to 500$ including surcharge taxes. 

Driving a car without owning it

Sometimes, you purchase a vehicle from a person who has all the ownership titles of the vehicle. But, he may not have insurance for the vehicle. In such a case, if you caught driving without insurance, the owner of the vehicle will be liable for the charges and not you. In such a case, the fine can be approximately $65 or more.

Amount of the fine

The total fine amount including other taxes can be a minimum of 50$ or a maximum of 500$.  The amount grows if you are caught second or third time without insurance. At that time, it can range between $10,000 to $50,000 and your license can also be suspended for at least 1 year. If you pay these fines on the road or they are not nullified in the court, the charges will reflect on your driving records for three years. This would increase the amounts of premiums you pay for the insurance in the future.         

However, when you get insurance for your car, you can have several benefits. Some of them are:

Third-party liability and no-fault coverage case

In the third party liability case, the insurance company pays the claims for the person hit by you. They also cover other damages.

In a “no-fault” coverage case, the benefits are paid only to the insured person regardless of the guilty ones. Here, you can claim even for those accidents which take place by hitting a car to some wall, tree, etc. A car insurance policy covers the persons  – an owner of the insured vehicle, a pedestrian who hit some insured car, a dependent or family member occupies another’s car. The policy covers all the reasonable expenses (up to $50,000.00) within 4 years from the date of an accident. You can entitle to receive- hospital services, medicinal expenses, professional nursing care, dental services, chiropractic treatments, medical travel costs, physiotherapy, and any other treatment cost suggested by your doctor to get healthy.      

But if your expenses are more than $50,000.00, you can not claim the additional cost or benefits from the policy. On the other hand, if your expenses are only $20,000.00 within four years of the policy, you can not get an extra $30,00000 in any case.    

Income loss benefits

You can also receive income loss benefits in case you are unable to work (not less than 7 days) after an accident. You can qualify to take the benefits within 30 days from the date of an accident. The payment for disability can not be acquired more than two years until your injured body doesn’t allow you to work. You can have about 80% payment from your income loss.

The funeral expenses benefit

The funeral expenses are also covered in the policy. If a head person or spouse of a family dies, the claim can be approximately $25,000.00, and in the case of dependents, it is about $5,000.00. In case, you are unemployed during an accident and are the principal member of your family, you can get $100.00 weekly for 17 weeks.

Different claims for different circumstances 

There are different insurance companies to deal with for different cases while making a medical claim. If you or other passengers got an injury within your own insured car, your insurance company will provide the claims. If you are traveling or driving in some other person’s insured car, the claim will be made to that insured car’s company. In case, you got injured through a car while walking or running, the claim can be made to the insurance organization that insured the same vehicle.   

In addition to these, you can also get benefits of property damages such as halts or harms to a car due to accidents. However, if you are caught guilty of driving a car after drinking alcohol, you can not make such a claim to your insurance company. Another condition takes place when you are hit and injured by an uninsured car. In this situation, your own insurance company will provide you the benefits.

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