If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you’re probably wondering about your next steps. Knowing how to handle a motorcycle accident case is definitely the first step to winning one. Most of the time, motorcyclists end up worse off than a car driver who has crashed into them.

Here are the most important components to consider if you’re looking to win a motorcycle accident case.

Driver Errors

First off, you need to think about any errors you or the other driver made. Did one of you run a red light? Did someone forget to use a turn signal? Was anyone not strictly following the laws of the road? This can cause fault to fall on one side or the other, regardless of who ended up getting hurt. It’s also a good reminder to follow the rules of the road at all times.

Vehicle Issues

It’s also important to consider whether each person’s vehicle was up to date. For example, if your motorcycle had an engine problem, that may have played into why the car hit you. On the other side, if the car had failing brakes, that may have made an impact. These elements can establish fault, especially if the owner should have fixed these issues a long time ago.

Location and Local Laws

Lastly, it’s important to think about the area in which someone hurt you. Different areas have different laws, which means you may need to try different strategies. A motorcycle accident attorney in Bronx can help someone in the Bronx, where they specialize in the local laws. For other areas, it may be sensible to use a local lawyer to help your case. Talk to an attorney in your area if you’re thinking about suing the other member of the accident for damages. Environmental Concerns

If there was an environmental issue that contributed to the accident, that may reduce someone’s fault. For example, if someone ran a red light and hit you, fault would mostly fall on their side, but if they did so because they were skidding on ice, fault may not fall on their side as strictly. This is a complicated element of the accident, however, which means it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer about it.

Severity of Damages

In a motorcycle accident case, the motorcyclist almost always ends up worse off than the car driver. Even if you’re wearing all the necessary safety clothing, you’re still much less protected than someone who’s driving in a car. Most of the time, the severity of motorcycle accident cases favors the car driver, which may mean a motorcyclist is eligible for more damages, especially if you can establish no fault.


Although a motorcycle accident case may seem cut and dry for yourself, the motorcyclist, that’s not always true when you actually get to court. If you’re going to handle the motorcycle accident in court, you’ll need to talk to an attorney from your area and get more information about whether or not you may be able to receive some sort of money from the other member of the accident.

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