Lecorpio: Cloud-based intellectual property (IP) management and analytics

As more companies look to secure market share, the ability to harness innovation enterprise-wide becomes a vital success metric in developing a well-balanced portfolio. Lecorpio’s IP Management solution means that IP attorneys spend less time on process, and more time making strategic decisions for the company.

Orchestrate: The Lecorpio solution provides customers with one repository to manage their entire IP process: from idea to asset. The built-in workflow and automation ensure that the right information, gets to the right person at the right time. With ideas sourced from many different areas, and IP departments working on a global basis, Lecorpio ensures that the process is swift and data is more accurate. Users can also leverage essential tools that have been purpose-built for IP such as intelligent spend management, auto-docketing and enhanced global trademarking capabilities.

Analyze: By having one place to manage IP, data can now be collected at all stages of the process providing IP attorneys a level of insight they have never had before. IP managers can not only tell how long it takes to file, but what was the longest part of the process; what were the costs for a particular matter; which outside council are the most efficient. Most importantly, Lecorpio provides this information in the workflow, where the information is needed the most, allowing organizations to make better business decisions.

Optimize: Once the data is collected, Lecorpio helps organization optimize the process. Lecorpio removes bottlenecks and roadblocks, and ensures that the process is as efficient as possible. Additionally, by providing spend management data, Lecorpio allows companies to manage their IP differently. The most valuable ideas can be routed to the best people, while other IP is managed by less expensive resources.

Elevate: In the past, the IP department was often seen as gatekeepers and risk mitigators. With Lecorpio, IP attorneys can now be the champions of innovation at their organizations. With new insights, IP can now be more efficient and better aligned to business goals.

Most IP departments are riddled with outdated manual processes and pose a challenge for businesses looking to maintain or gain competitive advantage in today’s market. This need for speed, automation, and historical insights makes a holistic intellectual property (IP) solution like Lecorpio vital to deriving corporate value from IP. Lecorpio understands that every organization has different rules and process for creating IP, so the company built a product that adapts to the customer, and not the other way around.

Lecorpio is rapidly expanding and has recently added several top brands in financial services, manufacturing and telecommunications. In addition, the company has added two notable European companies within the last quarter. Lecorpio’s customers include well-known innovators such as Adobe, T-Mobile, Analog Devices, Rockwell Automation, NEC, NetApp and Red Hat. Additionally, Lecorpio manages 5 of the top 20 patent assignees’ intellectual property.

Systematizing labor-intensive processes gives Lecorpio customers access to more data in real-time and insights provide users with relevant data that can be used at optimal points in the workflow. With this streamlined workflow, even the largest organizations that implement Lecorpio’s solution are able to see a significant increase in efficiency, often being able to double the patent output with the same resources.


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