Journey of a Dream

We have often heard of the saying “it’s never over until you say it is over”. But, today we would like you to meet a person who is the embodiment of this adage … a 27-year-old girl from Vadodara, India, who fought a losing battle from the age of 4 after losing her father and against all odds changed her life … Natasha Chitre.

Natasha’s professional story is not your cliché of an ivy league college graduate getting an opportunity to work overseas, but more of an underdog fighting against all odds.

Natasha started working when she was a teenager as a secretary to a school principal. Over the next decade Natasha hoped someone would look at her capabilities instead of lack of certificates; she waited eagerly for the day when someone would trust her with an opportunity to help her grow; and although over the next decade, Natasha experienced the brutal harshness of life she continued to believe in herself and her dreams.

In 2014, Natasha applied for an open position as an administrative assistant to a manager in a US-based consulting firm that was planning to expand into India. Within a few months of her joining the firm cancelled its India expansion plans and decided to move its focus to Singapore. As Natasha wondered where to go next, she was asked by the Novus Operations director to join a 2-day session with the CEO to take notes in a meeting. When the CEO requested the review on a couple of proposals for spelling mistakes, Natasha identified gaps that would have exposed the proposal to various risks that were missed out by senior managers of the company.… and without knowing this became the turning point of Natasha’s career. The CEO offered Natasha an internship with the US entity.

Never allow anyone to stop you from achieving your dreams.” believes Natasha Chitre

Natasha Chitre, Novus Global Solutions
Natasha Chitre, Novus Global Solutions

For 18 months Natasha gathered experience from recruitment to marketing to digital media marketing to customer relationship management to human resources. She reviewed proposals and learned about project management. She read about the principles of budget management, risk management, and time management. As her training came to an end, Natasha was given an opportunity to support a multi-million-dollar program for a Fortune 50 company in Singapore. Natasha worked relentlessly and provided support in project management, resource management, risk de-escalation and soon became the trusted advisor for the Asia Pacific SAP Program Manager. With her continued passion and the trust of Novus leadership, Natasha grew rapidly into a Manager position within a year after joining Novus.

Natasha soon found her niche in relationship management and business development and started closing million dollar deals rising rapidly to a Client Partner role within the firm.

Over the last 2 years, Natasha’s passion, commitment, and expertise have earned her accolades from VP’s and directors of Fortune 50 companies. She was honored at the American Business awards as the “Youngest Customer Service Professional” and “Best Support Employee” in 2016.

When we asked the leadership team at Novus on Natasha’s best qualities, the CEO quotes … “Natasha’s best quality is that she “cares”. Natasha rescued a dog that was being abused physically with no hope of a life. Natasha fed, nurtured and gave a home to an innocent life. This inane nature to care and go above and beyond is what drives Natasha’s success”.

Natasha is now a Sr. Client Partner and Director with US-based Novus Global Solutions, a firm that was ranked as the third fastest growing consulting firm in the US in 2015. She manages Senior executive relationships and is also engaged in building new Business and driving customer excellence. Natasha is also responsible for a team spread between US and Singapore and manages an account portfolio of over 10 crores. She is also involved in coaching and mentoring new hires at Novus as she expands her own horizons in her career. Natasha wants to mentor kids to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams

When asked about her dream firm to work for, Natasha quoted “Novus has given me an opportunity to prove myself and achieve my dreams. They have made me believe that talent and passion can help you achieve your dreams. I love my job and have found my niche as a Business Developer. Novus is where I want to grow into a leader to lead an organization”.

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