IPRO Tech: Focused On Revolutionizing eDiscovery

Today’s litigation workflow is fraught with high costs, human errors and inefficiencies, according to Kim Taylor, President and COO of Ipro Tech. Ipro is determined to realize its {i-proclamation}TM , that “simple, affordable and automated eDiscovery should be the expected norm.”

To solve the inherent inefficiencies in the workflow, Ipro has developed a new paradigm: Automated Digital Discovery that provides for real-time, data streaming and processing.

Ipro’s patent-pending Automated Digital Discovery platform combines early case assessment and culling tasks with analytical review and high speed processing and production to bring a new level of integrity, capability and efficiency to litigation management.

The Automated Digital Discovery platform will bring together Ipro’s existing software tools, into a unified workflow to provide an entirely new level of automation and efficiency from just after data collection to document production.

Media Manager: Improved Data Integrity
Ipro’s Automated Digital Discovery platform has built-in features for improved chain of custody and streamlined data management, including preventing spoliation.

Allegro: Early Case Assessment
It assists the attorneys with gaining quick access to the facts for initial consideration and analysis before reaching the more costly stages of litigation processing and review.

Eclipse: Advanced Analytical Review
Eclipse incorporates advanced analytics, industry-leading functionality, and cutting-edge features which allows legal professionals to streamline their workflow, reduce inefficiency and save time and money throughout the review process.

eCapture: Superior Discovery Processing
It provides users with ultimate peace of mind knowing all of the electronically stored files will be processed utilizing defensible strategies and technologies.

Eclipse SE: In-house, Desktop Review
Eclipse SE, is the desktop review application for those customers who do not wish to manage a SQL footprint or add a DBA expert.

Ipro is growing to become the standard at the U.S. Department of Justice. The Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) is one of their larger customers recently expanding its use of Ipro products to include Ipro Eclipse SE.

The company has brought benefits to many organizations so far, one such example is of Schiffer Odom Hicks & Johnson PLLC (SOHJ) . They are a commercial litigation and arbitration boutique with national and international reach. While SOHJ handles complex cases on a fairly large scale, they do so with just over a dozen lawyers. SOHJ was experiencing performance and workflow issues on any matter that had over 500,000 documents, forcing the team to send the larger cases to outside vendors, which added time and cost to every case.

While in the throes of writing requirements and researching different solutions, the team was faced with a complex construction litigation case in which 6 terabytes (TB) of data was collected.

Applying Ipro technology to the 6 TB case, the team removed extraneous junk emails and non-responsive data, reducing the review set from 9 million to 3.9 million documents, less than a million of which were produced. The SOHJ team was able to review tens of thousands of documents in just a day or two with one person. Ultimately, they won the construction case, using documents found during that review that supported the merits of their case.

Moving forward Ipro’s focus is on revolutionizing the industry by streamlining the entire eDiscovery, content review, and production process.

Ipro deeply understands the current industry pain points, that’s why Ipro, with Kim Taylor leading the way, is determined to unleash the Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) workflow platform that will make discovery more simple, affordable and automated.


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