HAYSTACKID: The Bet-The-Company Solutions Provider

If there was a roster of bet-the-company digital forensics and eDiscovery providers, HAYSTACKID would surely top that list. When it comes to high stakes or high profile digital forensics and eDiscovery related matters, the most prominent law firms and corporations in the nation have gained trust in the expertise of HAYSTACKID. Kevin D. Glass is President and Chief Executive Officer of HAYSTACKID

HAYSTACKID addresses the most complex investigative, discovery related and risk management challenges providing the right balance between technology solutions and human expertise.

As such, HAYSTACKID has developed a data processing tool named DataThresher, a proprietary application that provides a flexible and cost effective way to search and cull very large data sets on a wide variety of text and metadata properties.
HAYSTACKID also solves employee related issues for businesses where theft of company information, mis-appropriation of trade secrets, or employee misconduct may have occurred.

HAYSTACKID’s goal is to offer organizations and law firms the best legal technology solutions in the most proficient, cost effective and secure manner as possible. The key differentiator setting HAYSTACKID apart from their competitors by far is the diversity in their people and the eclectic technology experts who come from all walks of life.

Some of the most prestigious law firms in the country use HAYSTACKID services including many of the top 100 Law Firms in the Nation, boutique patent litigation and trademark firms. Their corporate clientele includes some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 brands in the business, from high tech organizations with large patent portfolios, to apparel companies, financial firms, biotechnology and government and quasi government agencies.

Elaborating on a case that the HAYSTACKID team participated in, Kevin D. Glass, said, “An American Law Top 20 Law Firm approached HAYSTACKID for its services for a complex matter where an organization was being investigated by the Attorney General and simultaneously went bankrupt and was ordered to exit the premises immediately.

As the pending investigation was beginning to heat up, HAYSTACKID collected over 500 laptops, desktops and servers that were considered mission-critical for the organization to ensure all information was available should the AGO request the data. HAYSTACKID boldly took on this challenge, and completed the collection process within one week.

HAYSTACKID then set up servers with a VPN to recreate network architecture off-site, allowing secure collocation, access and support for the Principle employees. HAYSTACKID accomplished this feat within only four days. Not only that, HAYSTACKID ensured that all relevant data was forensically collected prior to granting access to these executives, using a variety of forensic tools, remote, logical and physical solutions.

The next issue was the massive amount of data that needed to be reviewed and prepared for production. Through DataThresher, and an agreed upon predictive coding protocol, the law firm was able to reduce terabytes of data into only the responsive documents pertinent to the merits of the case.

HAYSTACKID’s goal is to offer organizations and law firms the best legal technology solutions in the most proficient, cost effective and secure manner as possible. Since its inception in 2011, they have stuck to that goal and created a long term growth strategy for expanding into other marketplaces like New York, Chicago, and Washington DC while maintaining and expanding eDiscovery operations here in Boston. HAYSTACKID plans on expanding through profit re-investment back into the company, a merger and acquisition strategy, and venture capital infusion.


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