Flexible Alternative to Rigid, Legacy Billing System

For organizations aiming to disrupt, billing can’t be a stumbling block, it must enable. Whether they’renew entrants expecting high growth, or established enterprises defending their space, companies are looking for transformative technologies that drive business growth and profitability. These companies seek savvy ways to reduce capital and operating expenditures, and they can’t afford billing-related issues that land calls on the helpdesk with resolution efforts eating into profits and leaving customers dissatisfied. What’s more, they know their growth path will require continuous innovation, so there’s no choice—billing must keep pace with constant change. While some billing providers are pitching their existing legacy systems to solve today’s challenges, other vendors are coming up with cloud-based billing systems that can be set up in a matter of a few months with configurable features to satisfy any number of unique billing scenarios. One such With the clear intent of addressing market pain points:

  • first mover advantage
  • customer satisfaction and churn
  • long billing projects
  • OpEx and CapEx challenges
  • automation and integration with other systems
  • future proofing

jBilling, established in 2002, has clearly proven their mettle in the industry. Driving jBilling’s success is their platform architecture. jBilling is built for companies who transform. Deep configurability, plug-in architecture, 100% addressable API and scalable needs and modify with the same agility as the business evolves. jBilling customers have the advantage to quickly innovate without the long and expensive coding projects required with a rigid, monolithic billing system.

A milestone for jBilling was AppDirect’s adoption of the platform for their cloud service marketplace, and the subsequent acquisition of jBilling in 2012. Today jBilling is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AppDirect and continues to power AppDirect’s transformative multi sided commerce platform, driving sales of 800+ web based products with over five million paid subscribers. In the past few years, jBilling has successfully transitioned business model to a commercial enterprise-grade open source model.

jBilling is committed to providing the market with alternatives to their legacy platforms—commercial or in-house built. Many companies are in a bind concerning billing. Many are locked in with a vendor who is charging them exorbitant yearly fees without much benefit. Or, they’re stuck with an in-house build which is becoming increasingly costly and risky to maintain. Both these scenarios seriously limit the company’s ability to stay ahead of their competition quoted Emiliano.

With over 100 billing experts, software engineers, project managers, and customer service personnel in locations spanning four continents, jBilling continues to release innovative functionality required by companies in a number of sectors including Telco, Utilities, XaaS, and IoT. jBilling’s cloud billing service has become the deployment model of choice as companies welcome the ease and cost savings of an entirely secure, expertly managed billing software service.

For a leading communications provider in the United Kingdom, Resilient plc, who had been trying for months to get a new voice service up and running with their legacy billing vendor, jBilling was able to satisfy their unique requirements for real-time charging and have their billing system up and running in two months.

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