Elastic Email’s Custom Platform is Leading the Industry

Elastic Email has been one of the fastest growing Email Service providers over the past few years. The aggressively priced service has experienced over 100% growth in email volume and revenue year after year and they’re just getting started.

Elastic Email provides a full suite of web based Email Marketing tools for companies of all sizes. They have a flexible API for delivering transactional email and a comprehensive Managed Email Program for those clients looking for additional help with their email strategy.

In addition, Elastic Email provides these services at the lowest price point on the market while still providing effective, responsive support services from their team of professional delivery experts 24/7.

Elastic Email was founded in 2010 by Joshua Perina, currently serving as CEO and Michal Bochnak, Chief Technology Officer. Both previously worked at a successful fintech startup before branching out, and together they have more than 40 years of technology and innovation know-how. They are experts in building software that combines reliability and efficiency with excellent usability.

Thousands of customers from over 180 countries use Elastic Email to send their mail. To help make this possible, their marketing user interface has been translated into 8 different languages, with more on the way. The success of Elastic Email as a global service directly relates to the international team of experts that make it possible, including their personnel based in Szczecin, Poland and a distributed workforce across North America. The employees at Elastic Email value and uphold a culture of friendly, respectful, supportive and clear communication which is essential when you’re working on different time zones and across cultural boundaries. This experience is directly applicable to providing support for their customers from all corners of the globe.

Our team is highly invested in Elastic Email. Our employees take ownership of the product and service we provide. This personal and professional investment is a motivating force for staying technologically current and even more powerful when it comes to creating a platform that leads the industry

To date, tens of thousands of companies have sent billions of emails with Elastic Email and hundreds more are signing up every day.

“We have customers who were spending 10 times more than the cost of Elastic Email with other providers on their Email Marketing. When they first come to us there is a feeling of uncertainty but there is no catch. Elastic Email has reduced the cost of email by building our own more efficient global email platform and streamlining our business model. This allows us to provide effective delivery, powerful tools and incredible support at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.” Joshua Perina, CEO.

The Elastic Email Marketing platform presents all the tools you expect from mainstream providers:

  • Campaign Creation
  • Drag and Drop Template Editors
  • Dynamic Contact management + Advanced
  • Segmentation Tools
  • Email Automation Tools
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics Survey creation and analysis tools Private branding

In addition, they have a powerful delivery API and a comprehensive set of delivery management tools:

  • SMTP and HTTP API Web hooks
  • Private IP and management tools
  • Sub Accounts
  • Detailed channel statistics

According to Joshua, most companies are paying far too much for their Email Marketing tools; they aim to decrease those costs.

Elastic Email has been able to offer customers this low price point because they built their own delivery engine. Every line of code that sends mail was designed to create a more efficient, more practical and more adaptable platform. This creates costs savings for customers and allows their team more opportunities to adapt to the ever changing email marketing world.

Italian startup Spreaker realized the benefits of Elastic Email early in their lifecycle and integrated their service with Elastic Email’s HTTP API. Elastic Email was able to provide reliable delivery services at below market cost as Spreaker grew to be one of the premium podcasting platforms on the web today. Having sent hundreds of millions of marketing and transactional emails through Elastic Email has allowed Spreaker to focus on what they do best while leaving the Email delivery to Elastic Email’s professionals.

In addition to providing a powerful email marketing platform, the team at Elastic Email believes it’s important to build a socially responsible company that uses its resources in positive ways. They have chosen to make this social responsibility a core aspect of their brand. Elastic Email donates a percentage of all revenues to non-profits which help preserve old growth forests around the world.

Elastic Email aims to be the most user friendly, affordable and effective email marketing and communication tool for businesses of all sizes. A key focus is to provide avenues for their clients to effectively grow and build an engaged contact base and intelligently use data to give their customers meaningful and timely interactions that lead to higher conversions. By building more powerful tools at lower costs, they will provide the highest ROI for any company choosing Elastic Email for their marketing and email delivery needs. And lastly, they hope to save a few trees along the way.

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