Digital Realty: Providing Data Center Solutions On a Global Basis

As the world becomes increasingly digital, and Big Data, Cloud, social, and mobile technologies play an ever-expanding role in our personal and professional lives, the role of a modern data center becomes much more central to business strategy. A robust data center strategy can reduce costs – not just in the data center itself, but in other areas – and can also improve business performance, reduce risks, improve the customer experience, and help organizations become more competitive.

With more than 125 properties in 30 markets on four continents, Digital Realty offers a full spectrum of data center solutions on a global basis, from move-in ready racks, cages, or suites, to custom-built data centers, combined with the DIGITAL GlobalConnect suite of connectivity options. In addition, via the Digital Realty Global Alliance Partner Program, the company offers easy access to a full range of service providers: cloud, managed services, implementation and infrastructure. Jarrett Appleby is the COO of Digital Realty.

Digital Realty is the largest data center provider in the world. Scale is meaningful to the company’s clients in at least three key respects Connected, agile, and global footprint – the company has more than 125 interconnected properties in 30 markets on four continents. This means that the clients can easily expand wherever they need to be with the same provider and have access to the same highly successful operational practices and approach.

Industry-leading record of uptime – Digital Realty has delivered over 913 million operational minutes of data center operations.

Financial stability –Digital Realty is the only data center provider in the world with investment-grade debt. Achieving an investment grade rating gives the company better and more diversified access to capital that offers their clients three important benefits:

  1. a greater choice of locations globally
  2. building, maintenance, and operational excellence
  3. Significant commitment to operating for the long term

Businesses are increasingly storing and sharing larger and larger volumes of mission-critical data.

“The rise of social, mobile, analytics, cloud and content means that our clients need to store, exchange, and analyze massive amounts of data. As a result, our clients are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, which requires more agile and connected data centers”, said Jarrett Appleby.

The Digital Realty client roster includes companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including CenturyLink, IBM, TelX, Equinix, Facebook, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and JP MorganChase.

Case Study
Sentinel Technologies, established in 1982, is recognized as one of the leading IT services and solutions providers in the U.S. offering IT expertise for a wide range of requirements and use cases.

The existing combination of in-house and external collocation facilities that supported Sentinel’s operations was proving insufficient for the company’s long-term plans and requirements, as their in-house infrastructure was not supplying the world-class resiliency and support required for Sentinel’s growing cloud initiatives.

Sentinel turned to Digital realty, choosing data center solutions in four locations. Key to their decision was the availability of extensive connectivity capabilities via DIGITAL GlobalConnect, Digital realty’s full suite of global connectivity options that allowed Sentinel to offer redundant services in diverse locations.

Sentinel received following benefits by partnering with Digital realty:

  • Many connectivity options, with access to more than 300 carriers (the combined number of carriers at the four sites selected by Sentinel).
  • Low-latency bandwidth for customer voice and data center replication services.
  • Ability to aggregate broad access to network connectivity across many tenants

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