Digital Defense, Inc: Taking A Holistic Approach To Information Security

Organizations across industries, including law firms, are increasingly challenged with defending against many diverse threats with limited resources to protect information assets. With new technology comes new security challenges and increases risk.

Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), understands security challenges and takes a holistic approach to information security by helping organizations secure their technology and people through both effective vulnerability management and employee awareness education. This combined approach to security helps mitigate and drive risks out of the organizations they proudly serve. DDI’s Managed Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model allows them to make available to their clients highly technical and experienced security professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring these security professionals on their own. Because DDI concentrates on security testing (vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, social engineering, etc.) they are very good at what they do.

DDI’s security education is industry recognized and proven effective through independent research that showed SecurED®, their flagship education solution, to be 300% more effective than traditional training. The expert team at DDI is led by Larry Hurtado, President and CEO.

Securing Networks:
DDI goes beyond vulnerability scanning and efficiently delivers vulnerability management, providing accuracy that others do not – leveraging a patent-pending cutting edge technology for advanced network endpoint correlation to further support their commitment to clients and their mission to provide unparalleled accuracy. In addition, DDI provides military-grade penetration testing that leverages their cloud-based platform.

DDI’s assessment solutions are delivered through a vulnerability management system called Frontline Vulnerability Manager (VM), delivering high value to their clients. Through Frontline VM, clients are able to perform a broad array of vulnerability scans, results management and reporting functions, as well as track their security posture on an ongoing basis. They have employed a scoring mechanism called Security Grade Point Average or Security GPA® that allows them to communicate security risk on a 4.0 scale. Security GPA is something everyone on the board will understand. If you score a 4.0, you are doing well. If you score a 2.5, not so well.

Securing People:
At Digital Defense, their core business is evaluating security risk. They understand the level of exposure that can be introduced to an organization when team members are provided ineffective security education. SecurED® is an innovative security awareness education program developed by DDI security experts. The solutions at DDI are effective and affordable.

DDI’s flagship solution, Vulnerability Lifecycle Management – Professional (VLM-Pro), is used to conduct host discovery and vulnerability scans on external (internet facing) and internal IP-based systems and networks. DDI employs a variety of scanning techniques built on a patented, scanner to survey the security posture of the target IP-based systems and networks. The company has seen significant growth within the legal sector over the past three years, serving law firms across the nation from small organizations to AM Law 100 firms. These firms have a common concern regarding the protection of sensitive client information and trust, as well as safeguarding the firm’s reputation.[MG1]

Moving forward DDI will continue to invest in the evolution of their proactive information security offerings. Through their research & development investments they will further automate security risk determination and remediation decision making. DDI’s advances in areas such as data correlation techniques will further enable them to offer sound risk reduction program recommendations to their clients. DDI’s goal will always be to provide their clients effective information security solutions that work without requiring impractical process or system changes to their IT operations and infrastructures respectively.


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