DataKinetics : The world of Data Performance and Optimization

With more than 35+ years in business, it’s no surprise that DataKinetics has become the global leader in the Data Performance and Optimization Solutions field.

The industry—the companies that need help with performance and optimization—varies widely as far as offerings and vertical markets. That said, they all suffer from similar challenges: the ability to continually process mission-critical transactions—often measured in milliseconds or microseconds. They need to accelerate application processing, enable market adaptive fraud detection rules and true data analysis for loyalty programs, and reduce risks associated with maintaining legacy applications.

Thus, DataKinetics works directly with the world’s largest banks, credit card, brokerage, insurance, healthcare, retail, automotive, transportation and telecommunication organizations. These organizations rely on DataKinetics to dramatically improve their data throughput and processing, and increase the value from their IBM environments.

However, with so much competition globally, one must ask: “What makes DataKinetics unique?” As current data shows, the majority of industry vendors primarily focus on the concept of tools / products / services that identify client-facing issues and challenges. However, beyond identifying these issues, they do little to solve the problem once it’s identified, leaving it to the client to rectify the situation.

This is DataKinetics’ differentiation: it embraces solutions, not problems. Unlike its competition, DataKinetics moves beyond the identification phase, delivering a collaborative and comprehensive engagement using partners, expertise, and its 35+ years in business to help rectify its clients’ issues. As part of the world’s most complex System z applications and environments for decades, DataKinetics knows what to incorporate into its solutions.

Staying ahead
The one constant in mainframe computing is consistency. Besides the technical advantages of the mainframe and why it’s the mainstay of large organizations, the companies that service the industry don’t change either. The historical approach remains the same—giving clients only one option: reduce costs and increase performance, or optimize systems and applications. Perhaps they use this dynamic as the sales excuse of “different skills, additional costs, etc.”

Again, this is DataKinetics’ differentiation: it shies away from the traditional, and works hard at bringing new perspectives and technologies to the industry. Recently, DataKinetics announced strategic partnerships with multiple software vendors, bringing solutions that seamlessly deliver to Fortune 500 organizations cost reductions, performance increases, and application and system optimization all at once—with no excuses, and no extra cost.

Solutions that define DataKinetics and its clients
The company’s primary business solution set works to achieve this dynamic by ensuring that IT professionals look inward, concentrating on three primary drivers within their respective data center(s): Systems, Databases, and Applications.

Systems – DataKinetics helps clients by moving workloads to less busy LPARs with automatic soft capping, or to specialty engines to help the system become more efficient—a starting point to embracing and understanding the inherent demands placed on a system by mobile workloads.

Databases – DataKinetics delivers comprehensive and easy-to-implement tools, identifying pending challenges while eliminating future issues before they become problems. Hence, DataKinetics’ tools enable architects to know precisely where to look and find opportunities to increase efficiency and mitigate performance issues. Furthermore, DataKinetics’ solutions can enable the transition of workloads from databases that have been identified as “high cost” to lower cost platforms. Once completed, the workload can then be transitioned back to the original database; thus, reducing the costs of these workloads and ensuring that the application experiences better performance as the high-cost CPU is made available to process tasks better suited to it.

Applications – DataKinetics enables the leveraging of in-memory tables, giving applications a renewed outlook pertaining to performance. This approach dramatically reduces the costs of applications, makes the applications easier to maintain, reduces the risk of running applications where the skill set may not be as available to fix issues, and makes it easier to implement new functionality to make applications more responsive to the market demands of today.

In today’s business environment, Chief Risk Officers evaluate technologies critical to operating, but not essential to the organization. Typically, the replacement of key homegrown technologies that fall into this category can be replaced with DataKinetics’ in-memory solutions, ensuring that investors are protected from nonessential revenue generating technology—technology that prevents revenue recognition.

Elite companies where a difference has been made

No stranger to the elite world of the Fortune 50, DataKinetics boasts decades long relationships with three of the top five global banks, three of the top five global credit card companies, and three of the top five American property and casualty insurance companies, and others.

Therefore, when one of the world’s largest banks needed help, DataKinetics had a solution. The bank’s challenge (the name can’t be provided for security reasons): To provide its customers with a single statement for all their bank accounts and financial products, capturing net worth, and promoting other bank products and services. It also needed to market new financial products to existing customers, but had no practical method for customer segmentation—targeting specific products to specific customers.

With its in-house technology, the bank provided customers with a separate monthly statement for each account held with the bank. Historically, new accounts and financial services were created by separate groups, each with their own databases and applications. Furthermore, using its current technology, it was difficult to determine which products each customer subscribed to. Consequently, targeted marketing was virtually impossible.

DataKinetics knew immediately that preparing and delivering multiple statements for each customer every month was wasteful and repetitive, as well as using vast amounts of I/O accesses, along with their associated CPU cycles. Further, consolidating information from these sources would significantly increase mainframe resource usage and operational costs. Thus, efficiency had to be improved, and costs had to be controlled. With its table BASE flagship product, DataKinetics created a temporary account consolidation table in-memory and populated it with data taken from all the account sources. From then on, everything was done in-memory, meaning it was faster and more efficient—sharply reducing system resource usage.

Engaging DataKinetics alleviated the challenge and increased customer satisfaction—combining improved customer satisfaction and retention, optimized IT performance, and increased revenue.

Where does DataKinetics go from here?
The company recently announced strategic partnerships with three of the world’s leading boutique software companies, positioning DataKinetics further from its competition by deepening its hold on Systems, Databases, and Applications as they pertain to data performance and optimization.

Furthermore, DataKinetics has alluded to an acquisition that again solidifies it into the upper-echelons of its industry, the launch of a new brand identity, communications platform, and expansion of its customer service infrastructure. Also, with the aid of the Canadian Government, it’s on the cusp of establishing a major ASEAN presence.

With a legacy of working with the largest global companies in the world, DataKinetics continues to build a reputation on the tremendous success of its clients. Thus, through a fundamental understanding of the industry and its needs, DataKinetics continually saves the largest companies in the world billions of dollars while improving application performance and reducing IT risk.

DataKinetics understands the most complex systems and applications within the financial sector. This results from working with the largest most complex transaction environments in the world. DataKinetics possesses the skills to help companies make better financial and technological decisions through its suite of focused and niche vendor partners.


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