Contract Logix, LLC : Guiding Customers Down The Path To Contract Management Success

Contract Logix, LLC was established with an objective of streamlining the contract management process. Their robust software products, professional services, and hosting solutions deliver on the requirements of wide range of customers. They address a variety of market points such as risk mitigation and improved compliance, process management, better utilization of skilled resources, improved sales process, and expirations and renewal automation. Mike Melville is the helmsman of Contract Logix.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software automates contract management processes, mitigating legal and financial risk, and increasing efficiency and productivity. When companies try to manage contracts manually, using programs like Excel and storing scanned or paper copies of documents, important dates can fall through the cracks. A single missed renewal date can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars and tie them into an additional term of a contract they meant to terminate. Therefore, organizations realize an immediate return on investment, simply by mitigating human error and facilitating better use of skilled resources

Contract Logix offers a cradle-to-grave enterprise CLM solution, backed by nearly 20 years’ experience developing and implementing enterprise software. Not only does Contract Logix software provide tools for contract authoring and negotiation, it streamlines the approval and execution process and provides tools for post-execution management and reporting for mining actionable business data. Contract Logix’ skilled implementation staff provides a consultative approach, ensuring that the software is implemented to enhance each company’s unique processes in order to maximize return on investment. They provide customers with a full range of services to ensure they take full advantage of their contract management software.

The key factors that set Contract Logix apart from their competitors are system flexibility, modular solutions, and scalable software editions. Each configuration is unique based on each customer’s needs.

Customers are guided down a path to success, using our proven process”, says a confident Melville.

Contract Logix is seeing traction in companies and industries experiencing growth; the growth of a company from a small to a mid-sized business or a mid to a large business brings a level of complexity to all business functions.

When companies grow and try to adapt their business processes, items can begin to fall through the cracks.When companies try to manually manage their CLM processes, they become unable to keep up with the complexities they encounter.

“For example, levels of risk are elevated; a missed renewal date becomes much more costly with higher dollar-value contracts. In certain industries such as healthcare and financial services, there is a greater focus on the security of data, and across all industries there is a need for the ability to mine data that aids business decisions,” observes Melville.

Growing organizations are realizing the boost in efficiency and productivity that comes with streamlined electronic processes for CLM. Full automation of the process from cradle to grave mitigates human error and maximizes the value of every contract.

Since 1997 Contract Logix has employed a singular focus on CLM software. Their solutions are purpose-driven, developed and adapted solely to the needs of businesses needing greater control over their contract management processes. Having a singular focus enables Contract Logixto ask the right questions from beginning to end – from the sales cycle through implementation and throughout the vendor-client relationship.

“We will continue to develop our software based upon the needs of our valued clients,” concludes Melville.


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