Consolsys Sdn Bhd: Changing The Way An Organization Does Things

Consolsys Sdn Bhd started its operations in 1999. It is a Malaysian based company dedicated to providing business automation solutions to the Financial Services Industry (FSI). Consolsys group currently serves 20+ of the largest banks in South East Asia as well as 2 banks in the Latin America.

Consolsys’ founders, Marco Davi and Ahmad Oliaei and the senior management team spent their early days at Olivetti. Ahmad co-founded Consolsys with his Olivetti Malaysia boss, Marco Davi and his senior team from Getronics (Olivetti) later joined Consolsys.

“I always had a passion to setup a software company to provide cutting edge automation solutions to the FSI”, says Ahmad.

Ahmad strongly believes that a software company must hire the best available talents to develop its products, support its customers and continue to invest in R&D and it must remain profitable to accomplish its goals. When talking about modern solutions, there are many areas that require attention; User Experience, Functionality, Interoperability, Security, Performance, Scalability, System Stability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), observes Ahmad.

According to him having a well thought of roadmap for continuous technology adaptation is also a key success factor. Consolsys’ latest R&D product, Mosaic Voyager, abstracts the technology aspects from the business application layer providing future proof solutions for our customers. Mosaic Voyager’s focus on Omni-Channel and Digital Banking has been well received and has bagged 6 international awards and recognitions over the past 3 years.

What is specifically Mosaic Voyager?
Mosaic Voyager (MV) is Consolsys’s latest platform for banking solutions that are highly functional and reusable across delivery channels. It transforms the way channel solutions are deployed, improving customer experience, productivity and efficiency.

Innovation has become a mantra in the IT industry, what about it in Consolsys?
“Changing the way an organization does things”, says Marco Davi, the Group Chairman. For example to adapt itself to the evolution of technology or to face new demands, has always required a certain level of innovative elements. Nowadays, the fast pace of technology evolution is making paradigm shifts more frequent. Some organizations adopt a more radical approach like creative disruption and so on, but irrespective, the FSI had to deal with the conflict between the value of tradition and the imperative of change. They had to learn how to strike a compromise between old and new in order to stay alive and ahead of the curve.

“We are interacting with our customers and prospects enabling us to have a first-hand feel of their challenges and aspirations,” says says Zia Madani, the Group Technical Operations Executive Director. To better respond to the rapid changes of the technologies and processes, Consolsys have embraced the Agile and Lean philosophies.

For example, Consolsys customers are using their mobile account opening solution on tablets to extend their reach out of their branches for customer on-boarding. They have delivered paperless solutions enabling their customers to approve loans within minutes, open accounts and issue debit and credit cards on the spot.

How is Consolsys system designed to respond to the demands of the customers?
Consolsys has adopted Agile (SCRUM) project management methodology that provides highest level of adaptability to changes and allows project stake holders to concentrate on what are real business values.

Moving forward the R&D team at Consolsys will continue exploring on widening the range of supported mobility platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. They are also working on cloud based and multi-tenant models to make the solution more affordable.


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