Capital Banking Solutions: Thriving To Meet Customer Needs

According to Samer Hanna, Group Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Capital Banking Solutions, BFSI industry is constantly challenged by market changes, new regulations and mostly by the emergence of new technologies.

Capital Banking Solutions are adapting to the new situation with innovative products for Internet banking running on any device and providing full banking services. In markets where mobile coverage is not pervasive (such as in Central America and some parts of Africa) and where markets are still challenged with limited mobile coverage and with potential clients that are less favored, they are offering innovative solutions such as the OctoKiosk, aiming at “bringing the bank to the client, not the client to the bank”.

Capital Banking Solutions’ suite of products covers Private Banking among a number of other banking sectors. Their full portfolio of extensible software modules available on premise, hosted and in the cloud encompasses the following:

  1. Capital Banker for the Retail & Corporate, Private Banking & Wealth Management, Capital Markets sectors.
  2. Capital Private is used for Front Office support of the Private Banker or Family Office
  3. Capital Lending is an extensive suite supporting end-to-end lending services in retail and corporate sectors
  4. Capital CRM for Customer Lifecycle Management
  5. Capital BI for Business Intelligence
  6. Capital Compliance supporting compliance requirements for AML, Blacklists, KYC, FATCA.
  7. Capital Portfolio for Portfolio Management
  8. Capital Net for Multi-Channel Support – Internet, phone, mobile, ATM, and kiosk.
  9. Capital Office for Bank Office Automation and Check Clearance
  10. Capital Advisor for management of distribution networks

CapitalBanker is their core system. Capital Banker coupled with the services offer aims at covering all the needs of a commercial bank as far as it is concerned.

In addition and around the products, Capital Banking Solutions offers to their clients services like Banking Consulting Services, Technology Services, Full Service-Cloud-Based Hosting, and Application and Technical Support “To keep up with market challenges and stay ahead of competition, we need to stay attuned with our customers’ continuously changing needs and provide them – as well as our potential customers – with solutions that will also keep them ahead of their competition,” says Hanna.

Capital Banking Solutions see traction in SaaS deployment. Hanna visions high demand in innovative banking products, on the lending side in particular, with the ability to minimize risk exposure with the use of new sources of information such as social media in addition to the traditional approach, as well as state-of-the-art easy to use online platforms available anytime and from anywhere providing a great customer experience.

Capital Banking Solutions’ illustrious clientele includes:Audi Saradar Group, Banco Sabadell Group, Bank of Africa, BanqueAtlantique Group, Cedrus Bank, etc

The Company has brought benefits to many of its clients. One such example is BANCO SABADELL, after a highly successful implementation in Paris, chose to outsource all European branches to Capital Banking Solutions. The bank is able to open new subsidiaries in a very short time frame with a single solution. By sharing the investment across branches in France, Morocco and England the total cost of ownership has been highly reduced.

Cloud-based delivery is a major area of growth for the Company. The mobile banking paradigm is inspiring them to find new delivery solutions to bank customers, and in areas where mobile banking is not pervasive they focus on other means of financial services delivery such as the OctoKiosk.

Capital Banking Solutions foresee significant growth in 2015 and beyond in the banking market for innovative solutions that are cost-effective to their clients.


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