According to a recently released Global Healthcare Technology report by Juniper Research, “Conversa is the type of company that, through their presence in the market and the kind of product they offer, has the potential to reshape the whole digital health sector. They are an AI company disrupting healthcare in a big way.” The “always-on / on-demand” nature of today’s communication methods completely differ from just a few years ago, and this shift has had a significant impact on consumer behavior. Consumers demand convenient and more immediate access to information, and this behavior paradigm shift has become a driving change in healthcare.

As healthcare’s conversation platform, Conversa improves how patients and care teams communicate around key health experiences like chronic condition management, post-discharge, pre- and post-surgery, patient education, and lifestyle health coaching. Conversa has an industry-leading library of over 330 clinically-intelligent conversation programs that include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, hypertension, joint replacement, and many more.

Conversa’s personalized, automated conversation experiences deliver the right conversation at the right time based on the patient’s profile, thereby giving care teams a continuous and comprehensive view to manage patient populations and creating more value in their patient relationships than ever before.

Conversa’s conversational AI platform delivers the right conversation at the right time based on the patient’s profile. At the same time, care teams leverage a continuous and comprehensive holistic view to manage and engage with patient populations more efficiently than ever before. Unique to the industry, Conversa is able to source and parse data from more than 400 biometric devices combined with clinical, claims and patient-generated data to power highly personalized, automated conversations. Actionable data collected in the conversation experience populates a patient’s existing electronic health record and/or care management system profile, allowing care teams to quickly identify and address immediate care needs or monitor individuals’ health over time. This unprecedented insight enables more informed decision making around the allocation of hospital resources and ongoing adjustments to care and treatment plans as needed on a patient, cohort, or population scale.

Conversa’s proprietary conversation taxonomy maps clinical data and patient-generated data together to create a unique, longitudinal patient profile. The Conversa Master ProfileTM is a dynamic digital snapshot of each patient based on data from the EHR, monitoring devices, and real-time self-reported data collected during conversation experiences. Leveraging the patient’s profile, these Digital CheckupTM conversations deliver personalized conversations for each patient. Important health data collected in each conversation is then integrated into the clinical workflow, syncing with the electronic health record or care management system. While this innovative conversational AI technology increases patient engagement, it also enables care teams to quickly address patients that need the most immediate attention.

In fueling engagement and use, Conversa follows a style of motivational conversation based in Self-Determination Theory (SDT). This theory underscores the need to support a patient’s three Basic Psychological Needs (BPN): autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Evidence-based tactics and methods that support these needs result in higher motivation quality and better patient engagement enabling more effective conversation sessions featuring closed-loop questions while also gathering key information to share with their care team. Several Industry health systems are seeing success using Conversa: Northwell Health, Ochsner Health System, Centura Health’s Penrose St. Francis, Carolinas Healthcare, and others.

The industry has recognized that better conversation and more complete insight leads to better care. Furthermore, the industry realizes that to build patient relationships with more insight and at scale, it needs to adopt an engaging, and automated solution to drive meaningful interaction. Care teams are using Conversa to help with their strategic care coordination initiatives to help their patients stay on track with their care plans. Call Centers are using Conversa to streamline and scale their communication needs appointment scheduling and follow up. Furthermore, healthcare Marketers are using Conversa for patient acquisition, retention and loyalty campaigns. Personalized, automated conversations are driving value across the entire healthcare organization.

Conversa is a company that values what its users value: supporting a sense of personal empowerment in the managing of their own overall health. Each conversation is an important opportunity to build confidence, knowledge, and ultimately, help users feel like they have a partner in their health journey. Conversa has become a powerful “Conversation Engine” that helps Patient-Doctor relationships thrive.

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