BQE Software: Developers of Innovative Practice Management Software

Law firms around the globe are facing many challenges today. With the economic downturn, clients have become sensitive to the need for improved efficiency and value, and most importantly, reduced cost.

The clients want the law firms to accommodate their billing arrangements and provide accurate billing. Technology is the answer, and this is one major way through which the firms can increase their efficiency and reduce cost.

BQE Software develops innovative practice management software for professional services firms. Its products simplify the way firms enter and use information for time tracking, billing, and accounting. The expert legal technology team at BQE Software is led by Rosemary Kupfert, BQE’s Legal Technology Consultant.

The key products and services offered by BQE software are BQE BillQuick, BQE BillQuick Legal, BQE ArchiOffice and BQE EngineerOffice.

They key differentiating factor that sets BQE apart from its competitors is the ability of its products to be used anywhere and on any device including desktops, web browsers, or as a true cloud-based application). They also have free native mobile apps for iPhones, Androids and Windows that can be used to track time and expenses on the go.

BQE has seen strong growth and traction in small and mid-sized firms in the legal industry. Firms that are using old, antiquated technologies to manage their practice have finally started to realize the benefits of switching to the latest tools in the market. BQE’s focus has been to get these firms up and running within no time – without impacting their business – by providing complete data conversion and implementation support. Their products also have some built-in tools that automate the whole process of converting the data.

BQE is credited with a long list of satisfied clients in the legal industry. Notable names include North Dakota Office of Attorney General, DiscoverReady LLC, Lehman, Lee &Xu (China), BLP Abogados (Costa Rica) and Pepeliaev Group (Russia).

BQE has brought benefits to many of their clients, and one such example of this is Haukaas Fish PLLC. The law firm, located in downtown Minneapolis, specializes in Intellectual Property Law. Both of the founding partners of Haukaas Fish had previously used Timeslips at other law firms and thought it would be a good fit for their own. However, they discovered that the Timeslips technology is outdated and lacks sophistication. Its limitations include performance issues, data corruption, and lack of mobility. They desperately wanted an agile time and billing solution that would allow them to capture all billable hours and increase cash flow. Additionally, they needed a scalable solution that would meet their current as well as future needs.

Within a few days of installation, Haukaas Fish PLLC seamlessly transferred their data and information to BillQuick Legal. Since implementing it, Haukaas Fish saves dozens of man hours every month, creating invoices and billing clients.

“Our invoicing process is much more efficient now,” explained Jamieson W. Fish, President of Haukaas Fish PLLC. “Forecasting and cash flow management is much easier and the invoice review feature is invaluable for monitoring cash flow.”

Mobility and the ability to access your data from anywhere and on any device is huge. BQE has focused its efforts on this cause and are working on some amazing technologies that they plan to release in the next 8-12 months.

“Our entire focus is on our customers to ensure that they have the right tools to manage their practices and are profitable,” concludes Rosemary Kupfert.


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