Yolo exits with Coolbet sports betting operator, logging 5.8x ROI, Estonian Fintech investment firm Yolo. For Yolo Investments, the transaction was the first start-to-exit investment.

Gaming venture capital company Yolo Investments (formerly known as Vereeni Investments) has withdrawn an outstanding 5.8x return on its investment in Estonia-based online gaming and sports betting operator Coolbet. GAN Limited’s purchase of Coolbet marks the first start-to-exit investment in the portfolio of Yolo.

Tim Heath, General Partner and Yolo Investments Manager, said:

“This is a very significant milestone for all of us at Yolo. It makes us especially proud to have been the early investors for Coolbet, back when we started Vereeni Investments in 2017.”

The funds will be used to reinvest in the increasing investment portfolio of Yolo, which covers 46 assets across four Fintech, Gaming and Live Casino and related goods and services funds.

Tim proceeded:

“We wish all the best for Coolbet as it takes things to new heights with GAN, and look forward to achieving similar results with the rest of our portfolio, of which many are increasing significantly in valuation.”

About Investments in Yolo

Yolo Investments is a venture capital focused on gaming and fintech seed and A-stage investment opportunities. Centered in Estonia, Yolo’s goal is to invest in exceptional people with brilliant ideas who, in all kinds of tech startups, are based on innovating and disrupting the standard.

Established as Vereeni Investments in 2017 by Tim Heath, Yolo has built a flourishing ecosystem of companies across a number of industries, including fintech, gaming, media, software development, crypto and blockchain-related businesses.

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