Best-of-breed billing solutions

PracticeAdmin’s ProviderSuite practice management Software as a Service (SaaS) integrates with leading EHR systems providing customers with a robust platform that coordinates patient data and claims between the PM and EMR systems. It is HIPAA-compliant and ICD-10 empowered. Having partnerships and interface with leading EHR solutions, you are free to use the best-of-breed solutions available.

PracticeAdmin has provided cost-effective, cloud-based practice administration software solutions for medical billing organizations and practices for more than 15 years. They serve large, established practices, as well as small practices, and third-party billing and coding services companies.

Eric Christ, CEO, has led PracticeAdmin since 2011. His 25-year career includes general management, marketing, and product management positions with leading information technology companies.

“I have worked on several billing systems over the years, and by FAR this system offers the best reporting for any account management system. It is very user-friendly and gives you many various ways to get to the needed information you might be looking for no matter what screen function you are in,” is how one A/R Manager for Practice Management Company in Ohio described ProviderSuite.

The product range or the services have created a huge impact in different regions in numerous ways.

ProviderSuite gives a full medical billing package with its Billing Manager, Schedule Manager, and Receivables Manager modules. Their solution underpins various EMRs and lab systems. Clients can pick the right EMR for their needs and then interface with the PracticeAdmin billing module.

In the wake of sending a claim through Billing Manager, it goes to the clearinghouse, then to the assigned insurance carrier. On the off chance that it is rejected and comes back to the clearinghouse, the software naturally upgrades the rejected claim and sends it to your ProviderSuite dashboard.

PracticeAdmin Schedule Manager decreases no-shows and enhances your patient cooperation by giving the information when the clients need it. The clients can set up their inclinations — whether they’re a solo provider, small to a medium sized organization or a vendor with inclinations. Create your scheduling templates for one or multiple locations and set up automated patient reminders.

Receivables Manager is a perceptive AR program that will work assuredly delivering payments and prohibiting billing errors. Receivables Manager wipes out lost claims and reduces staff errors. It automates considering patient statements, pay letters, refunds, and interactions with the collection service. It’s often difficult for billers to get the full amount out of each claim. The Receivables Manager tools provide the clients with detailed reports on denied claims giving them a snapshot of all outstanding claims with patient details.

The CEO of a national billing company based in Missouri stated, “Revenue cycle management is difficult to work, so the software matters. And as much as my company supports clients on many major PM software platforms, the best medical billing results are achieved by us using PracticeAdmin’s PM system. For larger volume practices and medical groups many features of the software greatly assist in workflow management, and for denial management, the Receivables Manager module is the best there is.”

Recent significant achievements of the company are re-engineering the Claims Manager technology to support X12 5010 and ICD-10, updating the Receivables Manager and increasing the billing company operations.

In future, the organization aims to continue providing a best-of-breed billing solution that delivers extraordinary value to medical billing companies and becomes the market leader in software and solutions for small and medium-sized healthcare revenue cycle companies.

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