Bahwan CyberTek: All Set On Target For An Explosive Growth

Governments worldwide are striving to address a number of internal and external issues. Most internal issues pertain to development and improvement in the quality of living for their people to ensure peace and prosperity that in turn automatically redresses most of the other connected challenges.

Top on the agenda are sustained economic growth, reduced unemployment, reduced burden on government exchequer and fiscal deficit and eventually achieve citizen delight. Founded in 1999, the Bahwan CyberTek Group is a 2000-strong, US$ 230 Million multi-national company that architects the enterprises of tomorrow. BCT has delivered IP led transformations powered by its array of innovative IT Products and Solutions in over 20 countries across 4 continents.

At Bahwan CyberTek (BCT), they believe that Technology is no good if it does not address core business problems, and Innovation is no good if it does not bring about transformation. Therefore, BCT works with clients globally to deliver measurable transformational outcomes using its innovative technology solutions.

The measure of success in government automation is often labeled as ambiguous, but BCT’s deep experience in this area points otherwise. Governments today, no longer operate in isolation, and have among the most exhaustive global indexes ranking them on a variety of aspects. This, in turn, has precipitated the need to measure, monitor and continually improve themselves on several counts to stay competitive.

BCT’s large transformational government projects have yielded benefits such as

  • Moving up in “Ease of Doing Business” global rankings
  • Single Electronic Window for Licensing and Permits
  • Improve “Human Development Index
  • National Capacity Building through eLearning and COEs
  • Reduce Currency in Circulation” and improve “Financial Inclusion
  • National Payment Aggregators and Processing Hubs
  • Green Benefits” – Direct and Indirect Energy Savings and Productivity Enhancements
  • Pervasive Citizen eServices Delivery
  • As part of addressing the Digital Divide and eGov adoption issues, they have helped governments improve in “eParticipation Index”, UN and Regional “eGovernment Ranking”and “Digital Literacy Index
  • Remote and classroom-based Digital Literacy Programs and National Tab Projects
  • Derived benefits encompass “Connected Government”, “Multi-Channel Citizen Service Delivery”, “One Gov” and several others such as cost savings, productivity improvement and analytics.
  • Integrated Channel Management, Portals and enterprise-wide integrations
  1. Cuecent IBO (Intelligent Business Operations)- An integration-centric business process automation and orchestration platform
  2. Cuecent ePay – A National ePayment platform that facilitates online collection of all government revenues
  3. Cuecent CueTrack – An intelligent single interface and case management system for the Government to manage citizen complaints
  4. Cuecent Pulse – A social media management platform to listen to and engage with citizens, businesses and other stakeholders to proactively listen to public concerns and address them.
  5. Cuecent ILFS – A system that enables issuance of licenses and permits through a single face without compromising on the need to go through assessment and approval of multiple governmental agencies.
  6. Cuecent Retina–A real-time decision support system that enables M2M real-time integration for today’s Smart City / Smart Government needs besides predictive analytics with in-built fuzzy logic, advanced math algorithms etc.

a) A thought leader eGov nodal agency in GCC b) An Economic Development Department in GCC c) An eGovernment Authority at GCC d) A leading player in the field of Electronic Payment in MEA e) One of the largest Municipalities in GCC f) Roads and Transport Authority in GCC g) An Information Technology Authority of a Gulf country h) A large Ministry of Labor Affairs &Manpower in GCC i) An Online Marketplace Company (SME Trade Facilitation & Escrow Payments) for US Fed Procurement j) A Public Works & Engineering Department in USA k) Dept of Health & Hospitals in USA l) Dept of Coastal Management in USA m) A mid-size urban port city, USA n) State Corporation Commission – USA o) Dept of Environmental Protection, USA p) A Government wide implementation in Far East q) A large Public Utility Board in Far East r) A large Municipal Commiserate in India s) A Technology Development Centre in India t) A Pan African rollout of Tele-medicine & E-Learning u) High Security Agencies in India & Middle East

With Governments focusing on achieving tangible outcomes, Bahwan CyberTek carefully combined their own Cuecent IBO (Intelligent Business Operations) based platform and vertical-focused solutions (collectively, their IP Suite), industry leading technology offerings around SOA, BPM, ESB, Identity Management, ERP, CRM and a range of their services covering consulting, implementation, technical, functional and operational support, into a wholesome program topped with a strong PMO to deliver on the joint vision.

BCT’s key offerings that power Government Transformation Programs are:
BCT has been included among the Top 30 vendors globally in the Gartner Report on ‘Choosing the Right Vendor for Payment Modernization Initiatives’. BCT’s projects bagged GCC eGov Award 2013 for powering the Best Government Shared Services Platform. They were also featured in the prestigious Nasscom Research & Intelligence Report “Enabling Governments Worldwide.

Technology-led government transformations require an entirely different approach and temperament. Even before getting into a technology implementation, the need is to carefully understand customer pain points to the level of root cause analysis and identify various stakeholders involved, educate on the need for change, develop a win-win model, understand environmental constraints and plan a “path of least resistance”, assess risks and design mitigation strategies. Defining and communicating the long-term vision and end goals lead to a genuine partnership approach between the firm and customers.

Following the steps specified above ensures that the program implementation becomes a byproduct since all the parties concerned are on-boarded in pursuit of a common shared goal. Such an approach has held BCT in good stead through the last 15 years since their inception, where they have created genuine long-term client partnerships.

BCT focuses on areas where the transformation needs are high and challenging but there is a clear commitment from the stakeholders, and this has culminated into niche clientele for them, some of whom are listed below:

BCT has brought benefits to many clients. One such example; The Client is among the leading eGov nodal agencies in the GCC region and also figures high in the eGov world rankings. The city government is considered a role model among top growing cities in the world, and its prolific use of technology to attain new realms of city infrastructure and citizen convenience is globally acknowledged.

BCT partnered with the agency way back in 2002 to build a National Payment Platform based on their Cuecent ePay Suite. They were a fledgling at the time and so was the city, which was penning its ambitious plans to be a world leader. To date, BCT works with the agency to constantly deliver new features, capabilities and heightened levels of citizen adoption & delight.

BCT’s Value Landscape depicted above is central to its business strategy. At the core of this landscape, lies their cloud-ready technology IP stack (Cuecent BPMS/ ESB based Intelligent Business Operations, Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine Platforms). This stack is leveraged to build scalable and ‘SaaS’able IP led transformational vertical and horizontal offerings that in turn produce industry-specific solutions to deliver value leadership to their esteemed clients.

From the sample set of transformational programs they have worked on, one can see that these are single instance, country wide implementations that integrate the whole government to deliver seamless services to Citizens and Businesses, making them among the largest in Government’s cloud hosted offerings.

The value landscape perfectly lends itself to offer a scalable technology platform to build horizontal and vertical IP led transformational solutions and each of these industry pillars inherently cross-leverage the best practices available in their respective spheres. Some examples of how the core Cuecent platform has powered such transformations are illustrated below:

The cross leverage is explained below
A) A part of their integrated logistics platform (CueTrans) that is used extensively by the oil and gas sector today, offers real-time track & trace services. This is leveraged by internal security agencies through in-vehicle monitoring. This in turn helps them offer better emergency roadside response and assistance thereby reducing fatalities in case of road accidents.
B) Similarly their predictive analytics platform (Cuecent Retina) combined with their Cuecent IoT are used by large cement and metals industries for shop floor-to-top floor automation and to deliver real-time well-site monitoring for oil upstream customers, saving millions of dollars annually in rig hire charges. This has been adopted seamlessly for energy grid monitoring & management in large power distribution utilities as a Smart City / Utilities initiative.

Bahwan CyberTek is set on target for an explosive growth riding on its philosophy of IP led Transformation. From current revenues of around US $ 230Mn, it plans to more than double its revenues to US $ 500 Mn by the 2016-17 fiscal.

BCT’s inherent strengths come from a strong technology platform (Cuecent Intelligent Business Operations) that in turn has manifested itself into key industry specific solutions that get further enriched with BCT’s strong domain expertise in its target verticals. What’s even more exciting is that its platform and solutions are designed to work on SaaS that offers itself and its customers and partners to morph themselves into large-scale SaaS offerings.

The more recent launch, Cuecent Pulse, is an interesting and comprehensive Social Media Management Platform that goes way beyond basic social media listening. It intelligently tracks, analyses, processes and acts on behalf of the customer and this has seen wide ranging applications in BCT’s focus verticals of Government, Banking, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Energy& Utilities etc.

We are closely watching (and selectively engaging) the Smart Cities / Smart Government models evolve but are well positioned to address both wholesome programs and phased initiatives given the breadth of our expertise and offerings all the way from devices/sensors to big data, real time decisioning, SMAC, complex integrations, enterprise & vertical specific applications and citizen services. The dust may not settle down that soon yet but early adopters and leaders will start emerging sooner.

Today, BCT has operations in over 20 countries across USA, Middle East, Africa, Far East, and APAC with its SEI CMMi Level 5 V1.3 assessed global center of excellence in Chennai, India. They believe that these are the countries with high growth markets for transformational engagements. BCT plans to grow deeper into these markets as part of its geo scale up to consolidate its position in its target segments.

BCT’s continued focus and deep understanding of its target verticals gives the company both broad base and super-specialization. This provides customers with tremendous comfort and value in dealing with the company’s highly knowledgeable domain, functional and technology experts.

Continued investments in market research and product development guide their future directions on creating cutting edge offerings that would propel transformational outcomes for their customers.

Having laid a sound platform and a promising growth trajectory, BCT is also looking at strategic acquisitions and investments beyond their “connected-innovation” partner programs.


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