AKANA: Helping Customers Integrate, Develop and Manage the Applications for the New Digital World

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Akana is a leading provider of API Management and SOA Governance solutions. Akana is focused on providing enterprises with solutions to share data with APIs, connect and integrate applications, drive partner adoption, monetize digital assets, and provide intelligent insights into business operations. And for these categories they address customer issues precisely.

API management: Akana has developed a comprehensive API management solution to address the issues associated with identifying, packaging, managing, securing and delivering application data.
API security: API and integration solutions from Akana specifically address authentication/authorization, threat protection, encryption, PKI compliance, and content firewalling.
Cloud application integration: With a cloud integration solution that relies on a connector-less architecture, Akana is helping customers integrate and manage data from a variety of different sources.
Microservices: Akana helps enterprises to build web-scale, distributed and decoupled applications that are composed of microservices.
Digital transformation: Akana is helping organizations take advantage of extending their own apps and APIs to benefit from interactivity with others’.

Akana offers a variety of services to client. They are:

API Gateway: It provides a comprehensive solution for API security and management.
API Portal: It enables API producers to engage partners and developers and help them onboard, manage and test their Apps.
Lifecycle Manager: Lifecycle Manager addresses service governance platform issues for any API initiative. It enables enterprises to manage the entire process of designing, developing,deploying, versioning and retiring APIs.

The key factors that sets the company apart from its competitors are

Comprehensive: Akana offers a fully comprehensive lifecycle management solution for APIs, web services and microservices which enable a company to develop, integrate, secure, deliver and manage APIs.
Transformation focus: Akana ultimately want to enable the customers to change the way they do business.
Delivery and management options: In order to meet customer demands, Akana’s services and products are available in the Cloud, as on-premise applications, or as a hybrid solution.

Akana sells to Fortune 1000, some customers are, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, Verizon.

Case Study
Health direct Australia produces the digital National Health Services Directory (NHSD), a comprehensive directory of services including doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency departments. The data must be available any time, any where through out Australia to the numerous agency websites that require it. To make this happen, Health direct Australia republished its SOAP services from the back-end application as REST APIs for consumption by widgets and other applications. The APIs are able to integrate easily with a host of websites and mobile applications.To manage and secure these APIs, Healthdirect Australia uses Akana’s API Gateway.

To make the NHSD data available to the numerous agency websites and mobile apps,they first exposed its back-end database as SOAP services. These services were then published through Akana’s API Gateway as REST endpoints that could be consumed by a JavaScript based web application known as a widget. The widgets invoke REST APIs on Akana’s API Gateway to make calls to the back end directory application. NHSD also has mobile apps for iPhone and Android developed and maintained by Healthdirect Australia that provide the same information through the mobile channel. The project went live in August 2013 and continues to evolve.

Akana recognizes that APIs have a long legacy, and that they are also accepted as the most critical ingredient for running a digital business.They will follow that mindset and identify where they can innovate through their products and services in order to deliver the best solutions that their customers can take advantage of now, and in the future.


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