AiNET: Mission Critical Infrastructure For Your Crucial Data

When a company or organization needs secure data center space, access to high speed optical fiber networks, hosting and management of critical applications, that company turns to AiNET.

AiNET is a recognized leader in the design, construction, operation and support of Internet data centers and optical fiber networks. The company provides trusted and secure Internet infrastructure to organizations requiring highly complaint (FISMA/FedRAMP) secure public/private cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS, TSaaS, HPCaaS, DBaaS), FISMA compliant data center hosting and collocation, secure dark fiber and network connectivity.

AiNET is one of a very small group of companies that offer certified Tier IV(TIA-942) data center space, SSAE-16 Type II/ SOC1/SOC 2 / SOC 3 certified, FISMA High, FedRAMP enabled, 7×24 Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC), 100% service level agreement. These are just some of the key differentiators that distinguish AiNET from the competition.

In the simplest sense, AiNET develops and sustains the critical infrastructure that underpins the Internet and everything it touches.

Deepak Jain is the Founder and Chief Executive of AiNET. Since founding AiNET in 1993, Mr. Jain has led it through explosive technological and financial performance milestones while maintaining a strong commitment to best-in-class customer service.

AiNET owns over 100 issued and pending patents. The technology AiNET has developed provides significant energy and cost savings.

AiNET addresses a number of customer pain points related to Federal Data Center Consolidation, FISMA/Fedramp compliance, scalability and growth on narrowing budgets.

Utilizing its own custom developed SAN technology, AiNET can provide higher levels of performance in more cost effective financial(OpEx) increments for both on premise (at customer site) and completely outsourced solutions hosted at AiNET data centers.

AiNET’s client list includes theSecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Labor (DoL), the Federal Maritime Commission(FMC), systems integrators and other organizations with mission critical internet needs.

Notably, AiNET invest over 20% of gross revenue in R&D. This represents a massive investment to stay ahead. Deepak shares,“We are seeing significant traction in full Information Systems outsourcing as Software-as-a-service without upfront expense,” AiNET is combining state-of-the-art solutions with 100% SLA performance with zero capital expenses (CapEx) for customers to enable existing and new initiatives in budget constrained environments. This service is provided in AiNET’s All Threat Protection (ATP) cloud, which achieves current and planned Information Assurance / Mission level / Intelligent Threat – Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection levels from all components of the Government.

When asked to describe a typical use-case for AiNET’s services, Deepak relates, “A large government agency transferred their entire primary data center to AiNET to achieve better flexibility, more access to connectivity and security best practices. This agency was space and power constrained and is now able to grow on a pay-as-you-go basis. This agency was recognized in its most recent GAO report for having dramatically improved its physical security controls due to this outsourcing award.”

In this case, AiNET provides the agency with FISMA High data centerphysical security and access controls allowing them to support a more impactful posture than they previously utilized. These improvements high definition motion/low-light sensing cameras, biometric access controls, PIN code authenticated doors, security cages, man traps, bullet-resistant entry areas and more; creating a highly secure environment for their important data.

In addition, AiNET provides this agency with 24/7 skilled technical professionals cleared to the highest required levels. Technical response times are under 15 minutes – far superior to the previous support provided to the agency by outside contractors. AiNET’s focus on world class client support is evident.

Moving forward AiNET is expanding its offerings to support more complex customer needs while retaining a pay–as-you-go model to better align with customer technical and financial requirements. These offerings will focus on enhanced private and hybrid cloud services in the areas of agency-specific applications and high security such as search of encrypted documents in the cloud, a retail accessible public cloud (accessible through purchasing card) and big analytics as a service.


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