Adaptive: Managing The Balance of Transparency and Governance

With the amount, velocity, complexity, and importance of enterprise information growing at an exponential rate, organizations today are faced with new challenges in data management and data analytics. Without a complete understanding of an organization’s data sources, including how it is defined, managed and consumed, an organization’s ability to provide transparency while maintaining appropriate governance is severely undermined.

The Digital Accountability & Transparency Act, or DATA Act, would require the Treasury Department to create government-wide data standards for agency financial reports, payments, budget actions, contract reporting, and grant reporting, direct agencies to use those data standards, and mandate that information be published online. Once it is fully implemented, the DATA Act will be the most significant federal transparency reform since President Johnson signed the Freedom of Information Act in 1967. The Adaptive solution lives in the center of this domain, providing the foundational capabilities required to meet the complex requirements of the DATA Act. The expert team is led by Jeff Goins, President and CEO.

Adaptive’s Business Information Catalog (BIC) solutions provides a comprehensive capability for organizations to govern and manage their key data assets including critical data elements and related associations, rules, security and risk metrics. Adaptive’s Business Information Catalog suite is comprised of Business Glossary Accelerator solution, which provides a cloud-based enterprise-wide glossary of an organization’s terms, definitions and ontology’s providing a single point of truth for governance and knowledge transfer. The Adaptive Data Finder Accelerator, providing over 100+ bridges and parsers which harvest and document the true state of where data resides, moves, and documents data ownership. The final critical capability is the Adaptive Alignment Accelerator – a comprehensive solution that offers security tagging, traceability and lineage analytics. Even if a piece of data is stored in 42 databases and is being processed 2000 times, Adaptive Alignment Accelerator can be used to follow the thread and understand the impact, change and use of data throughout the enterprise.

Adaptive is the only solution built on industry standards–providing easier interoperability with different types of technologies. “Adaptive can discover data structures from a variety of technology landscapes” says Jeff Goins, President and CEO.

Mandates like the DATA Act within government and industry regulations like Basel and Dodd-Frank are gaining tremendous momentum and traction. The requirements of transparency and accountability will only increase as the need for fiscal responsibility becomes more critical. Organizations must possess the capability to document their data landscape and thrive in a diverse technology ecosystem if there is any hope of enterprise transparency. Adaptive will continue to leverage their standards-based foundation to allow organization to document and analyze their data across technologies. Adaptive’s solutions are being utilized by Fortune 500 organizations in the banking, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, government and energy sectors.

Adaptive’s solutions are being leveraged by government departments to align their data initiatives, promoting governance and transparency on a holistic enterprise-scale. One such organization had hundreds of data sources on a variety of technologies, and had no enterprise visibility into how they used and governed their data. They used the Adaptive solution to collect all their data structures and assign data owners and security protocols to all data sources. This allowed them to correctly share data through a governance process that used a set of workflow validations. Only data that was at the correct security and accuracy level was shared and used for enterprise analytics.

Moving forward Adaptive will continue to focus on mandates like the DATA Act and provide standards based solutions for specific compliance regulations. As these mandates grow and change over time, Adaptive will be responsible for updating their solutions to meet the ever-changing transparency landscape.


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