Health Facts You Never Knew About Pokemon Go

In the days following its release, Pokemon Go became popular, attracting people of all ages, and hitting social media.

Pokemon Go creates “augmented reality” or virtual reality characters in the game world using your GPS smartphone, which they push into your real environment to suit your mobile.

Available on both Android and iOS smartphones, this game encourages you to wander around and explore new areas so you can see nearby Pokemon. When you access one, your phone’s camera app will reveal the Pokemon in front of you. Users can then catch, train and fight with the pokemon they have collected.

How Can AR Games Improve Your Health?

Looking for another reason to catch them all? Here are three science-based ways that games like Pokemon Go can support your mental and physical health.

It’s going to move you around

Social activity-induced video games may be one of the factors that helped fight childhood obesity. Overweight children often face harassment and exclusion, but exercise-based video games can help break down social barriers and improve active play time.

Better BMI

In a study of better BMI, children who received physical activity-related video games were more active, underweight, and had a lower BMI index than those who did not play games.

Pokemon Go inspires people of all ages to leave their homes. In fact, players are twice as likely to walk 10,000 plus steps a day, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association Science Session.

Relaxed Mood

The best mood is going to make you feel better. A growing body of research supports the use of video games to treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Video games stimulate the release of sensory-good brain chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. Gaming helps players build resilience, overcome adversity, and create a sense of well-being.

Some games, especially those involving virtual reality or fitness, may feel out of place and time. It allows players to relax their minds and live in the moment, the researchers say.

Pokemon Go offers all of these features, and offers a unique ability to catch people’s attention and face-to-face.

Sharp Brain Gaming may keep your brain sharp.

Research shows that playing video games can improve the attention and speed of processing. In fact, a growing study has found that adolescents who regularly play strategic video games improve problem-solving skills and high standards in school.

Includes strategy and planning for Pokemon Go

It uses your visual-aerospace skills or the ability to see and interact with your environment by dropping virtual elements in your surrounding world and encouraging you to explore new places.

Safety requirements

In addition to the health benefits, players must always take precautions to ensure their personal safety during an adventure.


Pokemon Go users may be distracted by a lack of familiarity with new focus and attention spans. Other players may drop “Lure Blocks” or Pokemon collection stops for 30-minute windows, which also causes some security concerns. Stay safe: Remind your children of the “stranger danger” you often see in cars, suspects, water, and hazards when searching for magical creatures, Pokemon Go can help you achieve your health goals — and remember your personal safety.

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