A tactile and typically more secure investment strategy when compared to potentially more volatile markets like stocks and shares, property investment is something that more and more savvy investors have been looking into throughout 2020 and into 2021. In a time where the ongoing pandemic is causing a lot of market ripples and uncertainty, sometimes a brick and mortar investment is the best way to secure a financial portfolio for the long term.

Interested in pursuing an investment strategy in 2021? Unsure of where to start and want to learn a little bit more about the market? Well, award-winning property investment companies such as RWinvest – a UK-based firm with offices in Liverpool, London and Manchester – are already projecting the year ahead in 2021, and giving an idea on the sorts of areas and property types you need to be looking into if you’re to be successful. For those interested, here’s a quick look at some of the main things to consider.

City Living

The amount of people moving towards metropolitan, urban areas continues to rise, and with demand being a key factor in the success of a property investment venture, considering a strategy within a city centre could be potentially lucrative move. Not only is there a huge number of students wanting to move to cities constantly in order to enjoy the urban lifestyle while working at universities close by, but many of them also want to graduate into the city when finished, and there is also a growing number of retirees wanting to make the most of the on-the-doorstep facilities and social opportunities that city living can offer.

In the UK, Liverpool is one of the most popular areas currently. Not only is the city brimming with culture, sporting two world-renowned football clubs and also some of the best universities in the country (with the student nightlife to match), but it also has huge regeneration plans in store, largely occurring around the waterfront. This is only good news for investors who are seated with ideally located property within the city, as they stand to benefit from the growth and surge in popularity that this regeneration and construction boom will bring.

Luxury and Eco-friendly

Delving a little deeper into the surge in demand from young professionals and students looking to graduate into the city, sure, there may be a large number of people wanting accommodation, but that doesn’t mean it can be lesser quality. In fact, many young people moving to the city are looking for luxury, high-quality accommodation that melds around their lifestyle in the city. If you’re pursuing an investment in a city, you might want to look into whether it includes some luxury features or facilities that might appeal to your target tenant. This could include a private pool area, cinema room, or even luxury rooftop garden.

Speaking of gardens, the trend of eco-friendly and energy conscious/efficient developments is also growing in 2021. Developers and construction teams are working to intertwine energy-saving features into their buildings from the get-go, working to make cities increasingly carbon neutral as they become more polluted with mass populations by the day.

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