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Making predictions about the upcoming technology trends isn’t particularly hard. According to the industry experts, IoT, the block chain, and machine learning will certainly play an important role in the distant future. But, will these emerging technology trends also affect the SAP? Well, the knowledgeable SAP insiders have already predicted about the upcoming SAP technology trends that will collectively bring a digital future.

According to the SAP futurists, the technology will follow a well-tailored and prescriptive path of digital transformation. SAP technology will expand its focus on the regular IT-enabled business processes (back office) transformation in order to make it a digital transformation agent. This will further include the critical data & process integration and a complete data governance. Plus, there will be significant movements around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and, predictive analytics etc. 2017 will probably embark another new yet challenging beginning of true AI. And, SAP users are expected to focus more on the machine learning algorithms & improvise them successfully to hit the regular business operation. The SAP researchers may come up with new solutions or algorithms to make the business – even bigger, better, and digital.

We present to you in this issue “25 Most Powerful SAP Tech Providers 2017”. The top management of these organizations has shared their views and challenges faced by them. Let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback.

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