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Be Aware Of The Changing Landscape

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The advent of technology has brought myriad of changes in the business sector. The CIOs across the globe is ready to accept the changes and they are also ready to implement new technologies in their organizations. At the same time they are concerned about taking correct decision and choosing the right technology for their organizations, like never before.
According to a study released by IBM in 2014 there are several challenges faced by the CFOs worldwide. Optimizing planning, budgeting and forecasting, Driving enterprise cost reduction, Supporting/managing/mitigating enterprise risk, Managing investor/stakeholder relations, and Processing transactions are some of the major ones.
And it’s an accepted truth that the CFOs just don’t hold the business model these days, they repeatedly filter it in defy to troublesome risks and competitive opportunities. At the same time there is an unseen pressure over the financial chiefs to bring instant developments to the organizations from their IT investments.
Technologies are double edged weapons, for example Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been one of the most popular business management systems. ERP provides large organizations the assistance of real-time capabilities and seamless communication. Yet, not all ERP employments have been successful.
This can adversely affect the affects entire organizations such as process, people, and culture. The Oracle Solution Providers all over the world should be aware of the changing landscape. Some of the solution providers are facing the challenge of choosing the right consultant. The CIOs who are able to meet the customer requirements are sure to emerge as winners.
In this issue of CIO Story, we bring to you 25 Most Powerful Oracle Solution Providers 2015. The companies featured in this issue have shared their stories of how they have helped the organizations to optimize their businesses. The CEOs of these 25 Oracle Solution Providers have also shared their views on the challenges faced by Oracle customers and the products and services the customers awaits or are excited about.
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