Issue-1: Cyber Security Magazine

Dear Reader,

CIO Story Cyber Security Issue 1 contains the articles written by the following authors, companies, and experts.

  1. George Viegas, Chapman University
  2. Bill Strang, Chairman & CEO CIS Secure Computing
  3. Guy Caspi, CEO, Deep Instinct
  4. Gil Keini, Founder & CEO, Firmitas,
  5. Theresa Payton, CEO & Chief Advisory, Fortalice
  6. Jim Deleskie, Founder & CTO, Mimir Networks
  7. Yaniv Avidan, Co-founder & CEO, MinerEye
  8. Bam Azizi, Co-founder & CTO, NoPassword
  9. Christophe Remillet, CEO & Product Manager, One Visage SA
  10. Jason Yoo, Chief Security Evangelist, Penta Security Systems, Inc
  11. Chandra Pandey, CEO, Seceon
  12. Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, RedHat
  13. Steven Sprague, Co-founder & CEO, Rivetz
  14. Debasish Pramanik, Co-founder & CEO, CloudCodes
  15. Guy Buesnel, PNT Security Technologist, Spirent Communications
  16. Anuraag Singh, Co-founder & CEO, SysTools
  17. Michelle Drolet, Founder & CEO, TowerWall
  18. Allan Zhang, Founder & CEO, Trustlook
  19. Ben Bernstein, Co-founder, Twistlock, Inc

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