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Prioritize The Cyber Security And Secure The Data!!!

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The year 2014 witnessed the hacking attacks against few agencies. So owing to the network breaches in the last year, the top priority for all the agencies in 2015 will be Cyber Security and Threat Mitigation. It doesn’t mean that cyber security was not given prime importance in the past, it was given uttermost consideration. After the lessons learnt in 2014, all the agencies will make cyber security the most important matter of concern for the year 2015.
It’s just not only an effective data management policy that the agency should be concerned about, but also the data security irrespective of the data storage and analysis. And it is a known fact that data analytics is directly proportional to data security and data mitigation.
At present 70% of the federal government’s IT budget is allocated for the maintenance of legacy networks. The destructive cyber attack on several agencies last year has led to the formation of a new intelligence unit to coordinate analysis of cyber threat. CIOs are involved in extensive search for inventive technology solutions that can offer enhanced service delivery and there is no paucity for such solutions in the industry.
In the wake of this, we present to you ‘10 Most Powerful Government Technology Solution Providers’, in this issue. CIOs from Federal, State and Local government have shared their thoughts with us in this issue. They have also spoken about their needs in terms of technologies that will change their business environment in their Agencies. Read through and let us know what you think…

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