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Education at Cross Roads: Challenge and Opportunity for CIOs

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Education as a system is at its cross roads with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Recognized as a civil right in many countries, it is indeed a prime factor that shapes the future generations. Education in its right aspects offers a level playing field for each and every section of the society to prosper, excel and to make the world their own.
It is also one of the fields where competition became so fierce that people in this sector wake up each morning thinking what they can do today innovatively to stay ahead of their competitors. Mounting student debts, technology disruption, increasing costs and global competition literally makes it a Waterloo of modern day CIOs engaged in the sector. They have only two ways before them. Either adapt or perish. Modern day CIOs are not just worried about the curriculum, but the evolving business models to ensure profitability.
The role of a CIO is evolving and the success mantra here is how wisely one allocates the resources available. Globalization of education is indeed a challenge. But it can be effectively tackled by the implementation of student specific education model. The point is how effectively one facilitates quality research, how one recruit and retains the best faculty and how wisely the cost reduction can happen. The role of CIOs just as a facilitator won’t do the magic in changed circumstances. They must be visionaries looking into the future and making decisions understanding the fine nuances of education as well as management.
Focus on software and hardware gives way to strategic planning and out of box thinking. Technological advances like mobile computing creates a new channel for institutions to engage with students and faculty. Opportunities in the likes of cloud campus allows a CIO to reinvent their enterprise architectures.

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