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Cloud Computing into an Era of Maturity

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If the last decade was marked by news of emerging cloud platforms and providers, this decade is showing signs of maturity in this sector. Cloud users, as well as the providers, are on the path to maturity; reforming itself according to the market needs and expectation of the customers. Even companies from traditional sectors have seen writing on the wall. Every other company is busy shifting their infrastructure and data ecosystems into the cloud. The mantra is all about cutting costs, time, risk and effective utilization of resources.
It’s time for the CIOs to review their cloud strategies that they have adapted in the recent past. As there is a plethora of choice, a CIO needs to choose a cloud computing environment that best suits one’s organization. Cloud analytics solutions that allow for digging into both usage and billing data will give IT leaders the power to quickly spot potential costly services and prevent budget overruns. Improving cloud cost management provides a significant opportunity for savings, as few companies are taking critical action to optimize cloud costs. According to a latest research, lack of resources and expertise is one of the top cloud computing challenges while earlier it was security and cyber attacks. Additional training of IT and development staff will be critical in addressing these challenges.
The experts in the sector are also pointing at the growing hybrid environment; which a majority of organizations are using. The rapid growth in the private cloud along with the ubiquitous public cloud is driving this trend. It is indeed a testing time for the CIOs to determine the level of flexibility to manage and monitor their applications using cloud.

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