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Cloud computing is undoubtedly the new age goldmine and panacea for a slew of storage, data migration, and security issues. In fact, cloud technologies are now winging into all things exotic, with the Internet of Things promising to change the we live.
The history of Cloud Computing goes just a few years back and within a short period of time it has succeeded in establishing a space for itself in the world of technology. It was during 2009 that the phrase ‘cloud solutions’ became a known word among the entrepreneurs and their enterprises. This is mainly due to the impact created by it in the industry.
But Cloud Computing is at an early stage now and has a diverse crew of providers who deliver large and small cloudbased services, which ranges from full-fledged applications to storage services to spam filtering. Those enterprises who adopted the cloud solutions foreseeing the benefits and other opportunities that these solutions can bring in to them have profited a lot. Today, cloud computing is producing a new phenomena of success.
According to Bessemer Venture Partners’ BVP Cloud Index, there are 23 successful public cloud companies with a huge market cap, while 300 cloud start-ups are in the process of achieving turnaround growth. Sixteen of these start-ups are on course for $1 billion valuations. Impressive numbers for sure, but there are a great number of CIOs who are sitting out in this age of cloud evolution. Why? It’s mainly due to the lack of know-how and understanding of the cloud ecosystem.
Blame it on rigid, traditional thinking or a failure to adapt with the buoyant innovators of the day as a result of incapacitated leadership. What’s the way out? To educate CIOs about the innovative cloud solutions available in the market, we present you the ’20 Most Powerful Cloud Technology Companies’ in this edition. These are companies that are helping organizations adapt to the cloud.

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