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A measure of how advanced a technology is these days is the amount of mobility it has to offer to its user. Virtual meetings, remote workstations and offsite troubleshooting are all examples of how business can be handled from your palm while you are away on your business tour.
Cisco Mobility Solutions was launched with the aim of being able to handle all employee and consumer related mobility requirements. This can only be true if employees get equal amount of accessibility on both the wired, as well as wireless networks. To be more precise, an employee should be able to experience their same workspace, as it is in their place of work, on their personal mobile device. This keeps them connected to work on an ad hoc basis, even when they are not on site. This helps employees refrain from burning the midnight oil at work waiting for a query to complete or a process to finish running. This certainly improves work-life balance. And an improved work-life balance is an obvious indicator of better employee satisfaction and better productivity.
This month, we have done an exhaustive coverage on how Cisco has mobilised the business world with its excellent range of mobility solutions. These are solutions that have gained positive reviews equally both from employees as well as business stakeholders. Read on to find out how these mobility solutions have turned the fortunes of several companies in their favour.

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