Big Data Technology Special Magazine 2015

Bigdata 2015

Big Data – a Big Deal

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It is safe to say that Big Data has brought the future of data analytics to our current times. With the extent  of competition between businesses, any corporate  falling behind in terms of responding to customer  demands is always going to lose out in the rat race. Agile,  informed decisions are what companies depend upon  these days to adapt themselves with the ever-changing  market scenario. Sky is the limit for the amount of data that this technology can uncover and transfer. About 15  years ago, data in such large volumes could not even be  fathomed, what with personal computers with a storage  capacity of 10 gigabytes being a novelty back then!
By no means then, does it come as a surprise that  Big Data finds its applications in so many diverse fields.  Right from online gaming, educational organizations and  retail stores to large scale manufacturing businesses and  even the government agencies depend on Big Data to  drive their daily business. Fortune 1000 companies are  already changing the way they think and carry out their  businesses just so that let Big Data take control and allow  it to convert their business flaws into advantages. With  Big Data deemed to be a multi-billion dollar industry, this  is certainly a key component to look out for as we enter  the second half of this decade. Happy New Year to all  our readers, and let’s hope that 2016 will be filled more success stories, and more cutting edge technologies to  create possible avenues for success stories.

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