SysTools: Expanding Security beyond Data Recovery

Ever since it was founded in the year 2007, SysTools has made major contributions in the domain of data recovery, risk management and email server management. It was their flagship product MailXaminer that really marked the organization’s entry into the Digital Forensics and Email Investigation domain. Following great acclaim that the email forensics tool received from the forensics community, they further extended their service to the Digital Forensics Training and Consultation as well.

With almost all organizations being driven by digital transactions, social networks, cloud computing and automated processes, companies are aggressively doing away with outdated tools, and are in a rush to ensure that all software applications are up to date. This naturally increases the purchase of new computers, mobiles and other devices that are more secure. In addition to that, the usage of smart solutions that will simplify the technical procedures will also be on the rise.

“All of the products that are developed at SysTools come with a user friendly interface, complete coverage to user requirement and an affordable price tag”

By taking a look at current trends, it is quite evident that cyber attacks mostly target cloud management platforms and SaaS applications. This has, in turn, resulted in a pattern in which organizations have been allocating access management budgets beyond traditional desktops and servers. The importance of adaptive and behaviour-based authentication has grown to an ever-high level. It has become mandatory within organizations to have pervasive visibility across their IT environments in order to protect them from emerging cyber threats.

As a business, SysTools has expanded beyond Data Recovery to two more verticals – Cloud Backup and Digital Forensics. What sets the organization apart from its competition is its pricing and its additional services. All of the products that are developed at SysTools come with a user-friendly interface, complete coverage to user requirement and an affordable price tag. By 2020, SysTools expects to be the first Indian Software Development Company to have a wide range of digital forensics software applications enabling law enforcement to get their job done securely. The company also looks forward to having a full-fledged digital forensic training division, starting with law enforcement and academic sectors, to give grass root level awareness about cyber security and intelligent practices to stay safe online.

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