Disciplined execution fuels innovation

On Technological Barriers
In large companies it comes down to the amount of complexity found in technology landscapes and companies inability to innovate.I am constantly amazed at how often I stumble upon an article decrying the inability of large organizations to innovate. Focusing solely on a company’s ability to innovate is, to me, a red herring that distracts from the real issues facing large businesses today – execution. If an organization is struggling with complexity and bringing innovative products to market or competing with a more nimble entity, I would posit that what they really lack is the ability to execute on innovation.Disciplined execution fuels innovation.

Simplify Technological Experience
It’s important to find the right technology that eliminates complexity and delivers greater ROI. It’s critical to simplify enterprise infrastructure and applications. All that’s required to build a solution, such as user portal, analytics, data integration, mobile, collaboration, API management, document management, data management needs to be pre-integrated and ready to run in the cloud.

Simplifying the experience and consumption is another way to increase ROI. Users can grab data on their mobile, tablet or desktop – get a snapshot of the company’s operations and raw data, without weeding through unnecessary layers of data or complexity. You get only the data that counts.

Complexity Hinders Innovation
Complexity costs companies the ability to execute which hinders innovation, while simplicity frees them to grow. IT can be the forcing function to simplify business. Technological breakthroughs, globalization, and a deeper focus on employee engagement are putting business simplification at the forefront. As I said earlier, execution is the oxygen that continually fuels innovation. Any organization, no matter the size or industry, must empower people throughout the organization, from the shop floor to the top floor to constantly seek ways to introduce innovative ideas into their products, roles and processes and have the freedom to execute on them.

Choosing The Right Technology
It’s critical for a company to choose the right technology – if done right it can make them more agile and give them the needed competitive advantage in the market. IT organizations shouldn’t spend time just moving data from one source to another. Moving towards a real time business and technology enabling that is the right strategy. Innovative business models can be unlocked based on real-time opportunities.

IT and Success
IT must be simple. Why? The answer is that enterprise computing has become absurdly complex (both on-premise and in the cloud). The journey to success isn’t trivial. No two customers are alike. Many customers have different starting points. Heterogeneity is the name of the game in the cloud (as well as on-premise) and simplification has to be part of that.

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