Customer Presence Data Can Help Your Business

By David Coursey, Platform Evangelist, Cloud4Wi

Decisions are made by those who show up, writes Aaron Sorkin, who used the line in his White House drama “The West Wing.” The concept is universal. You cannot win if you do not show up to play, vote, open the store, whatever.

For businesses, the only way to win – meaning sell – is for customers to show up, whether online or in-person. As business leaders, our job is to make “showing up” as easy and attractive as possible. One of the “ah-ha” features of the Cloud4Wi platform is how it helps companies use Guest Wi-Fi to better understand and predict when customers will show up at their stores and locations. Cloud4Wi can gather the identity of every Wi-Fi device your Wi-Fi hotspots “see” and create an anonymous profile for each device, tracking its presence at your locations over time.

Anonymous but still specific
Though anonymous, the data is still for specific devices and the individuals who carry them. The data provides a detailed look and how many customers visit your locations, when they visit and how long they stay. It includes both purchasers and non-purchasers, so it records foot traffic for virtually everyone with a smartphone in their pocket.

Gather presence information over a period of time and you may see your locations in a different way. You can even use a Cloud4Wi Wi-Fi sensor to measure the total number of people who walk past your store but don’t come inside. How many customers did your store fail to entice through the door today?

The Cloud4Wi platform has built-in analytic tools to help you understand the data, which can be used to drive everything from marketing promotions to scheduling sales to improving staffing patterns. Over time, such data is an important measure of how your marketing goal of getting customers in the door is being achieved.

Real data from real customers
If you can entice customers to provide an email address or social network profile to access Guest Wi-Fi, you can harvest demographic information and match presence data to particular customers’ shopping habits. You can also connect customers’ presence to both their actual purchases and visits when they do not purchase anything.

Presence can be used to drive loyalty promotions “just for coming into our store” and offer targeted surveys to collect customer feedback and demographic details. It can drive promotions timed for when customers are most – or least – likely to be shopping with you.

Presence and the location-based services it can drive, are just a small – but important – part of what we offer. It helps companies treat customers as individuals whether they shop online, in-person or both, which is where we really shine.

Data analytics have proven to offer a real competitive edge to companies that learn to use it. The Cloud4Wi platform provides and helps visualize unique insights into customer behavior available nowhere else.


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