Better Customer Service Through Technology

By Aaron Archambault, CEO & CIO, IPNETVOICE LLC

IPNet Voice Aaron

Many years ago, telephone was the only non face-to-face method for communication that was available to organizations. However, with the advent of technologies things have changed dramatically. Today’s technology leaders are aware that there are many more aspects of interaction that need to be factored in and taken advantage of. When it comes to customer service and a company’s ability to provide customers with information and assistance, sometimes when they do not even know they need it, there are many options; calls, Emails, chat, social media, video to name a few.

So, the reality is that these interactions can all be managed in silos and teams of representatives can be assigned to one type of media, or these can all be tied together using technology. Many companies have already employed call center representatives who are specialist in customer interactions and have been trained in the art of customer service. Many of these same representatives are well versed in the social media platforms and this knowledge can be leveraged to provide customers with a better experience.

The Contact Center is no longer a call and email only domain. Technology is keeping up with this and Cisco Socialminer in conjunction with the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise or Contact Center Express can be used to help manage all aspects of the interaction. There are three key areas where Socialminer helps:

  1. Chat – Customers can open up to a chat session from your website and interact directly with a customer care representative.
  2. Social Media – The ability to monitor Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and look for specific triggers and have those initiate an interaction between the customer and your Customer Service Representatives.
  3. Email – The ability to monitor emails and ensure prompt responses.

Just knowing about and having access to each of these is not enough. Providing customers the answers in a timely fashion and immediately is critical. With the integration of the Contact Center and Socialminer this becomes a whole lot easier and automated. There is the ability to have automated responses and pre-determined appropriate templates for agents to use when responding to customers, also the customer request can be quickly categorized and placed into queue for the appropriate agent based upon where they initiated the conversation, or based upon keywords that the customer used in the process.

Now that the customer has been helped in a timely fashion and the representatives have done their jobs, it is time for the analyst to review the interactions and use the data to improve the process. This is all possible using the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, this reporting tool allows for some very powerful canned reports and more importantly the ability to customize these report and tie them in with data from other sources (i.e. CRM, or ERP) and provide accurate and updated analytical data, so that management and executives can make business critical decisions quickly with all the data needed in one place.


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