Balance must be created between applications and managing security

By Phil Bertolini, CIO & Deputy County Executive, Oakland County

What technology should stand for:
Technology has made big leaps, but still keeps opening up new opportunities as time goes on. Creating a secure way to work mobile business applications is one of the main priorities of the coming times. As CIOs, we could tighten our security to an extent that we will struggle to deliver innovative applications that helps deliver services.

In doing so, we would frustrate our business users to a point where IT could be perceived as blockade to the smooth running of organization. As a CIO I am looking forward to the providers delivering sound device management solutions that will allow innovative solutions to end users.

Where technology has not made it big in business
Lately, many providers have been providing cloud solutions for every little thing that connects to our organization. When you look back, there are not many solutions that you expect. Some providers want to improve their products while they engage an end user. They also have licensing models that do not promote sharing technology services. If the innovation cycle fails to find the right momentum, or if the licensing models cease to be relevant, collective effort can put it right. Therefore, a CIO must keep everything in perspective.

Technologies That Has Changed Enterprise Business Environment
Two main technological trends could be pointed out as change-makers in our organization. First is mobility. Mobility impacts every business unit of county government. In that we have hundreds of employees delivering services across our 910 square miles of geography. Service providers like food inspectors, law enforcement officials, public health nurses must have mobile applications that help them serve the 1.2 million residents who depend upon them. The second perceptible change is the technology of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. While it has significantly helped hardware management, allowing almost 4,000 employees to bring their own devices to work poses significant issues. We have to balance security issues with the benefits of not having to provide corporate devices. Bringing personal devices to work will increase productivity and lower capital costs in the future.

As a CIO you have to master the art of working with people and provide solutions to their problems.

About the Author: Phil is the vocal advocate for cloud and enterprise solutions in government, cross-boundary resource sharing, and interjurisdictional cooperation and oversees the development of unique government technology programs, such as the G2G Cloud Solutions Initiative. Phil was recognized by the President Obama in White House as a Champion of Change for 2012. Bertolini is also a recipient of Crain’s annual CIO Awards.


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