The Role Of Technology In Elevating Brand Awareness For Your Business

The Role Of Technology In Elevating Brand Awareness For Your Business
The Role Of Technology In Elevating Brand Awareness For Your Business

The traditional marketing approach has changed in recent years, with the focus now being on branding rather than selling. Of course, you would want to earn revenues and profits but extending the reach and popularity of your brand is equally important. Unless people know it well enough, you cannot expect to be on top of their mind and get them back for repeat purchases. Surely, it makes sense to go the extra mile with your branding initiative. Having a great strategy and a seasoned team to implement it is just half the work done. You also need strong IT backing to elevate brand awareness to the next level. Here is how IT can play a vital role in this context.

Leverage digital channels for branding

Clearly, you cannot ignore the internet as a selling and branding channel today because this is where the customers are. It comes as no surprise that digital marketing is emerging as a necessity for all businesses. Apart from being far more cost-effective than the traditional forms of advertising on print and mass media, this form of marketing gives you a broader reach within a smaller time span. And you get a competitive advantage as well because all your rivals will probably be doing the same. You have to rely on IT for building an online presence, right from a business website to a mobile app, social media pages, and online ads. Unless you consolidate your brand’s presence across the digital channels, you cannot expect it to be visible and recognizable.

Build immersive customer experiences

Compelling customer experiences are an integral element of business branding. Customers are more likely to know and recall your presence if you do the extra bit to create the most immersive and amazing experiences for them. This can again be done with smart use of innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Consider how easy it would be to sell your fashion products online by giving a virtual try room experience where the potential buyer would be able to try the products even without touching or wearing them. Home and lifestyle, real estate, travel, hospitality, and education and training are some industries that are using these technologies to consolidate their brands.

Go the extra mile with customer support

Another area of branding where technology can take you a step ahead is customer support. Undoubtedly, great customer support can give your business a clear advantage in the competitive landscape. Further, it is the mainstay of lasting relationships with the customers so that they will stick with you and recommend you to others as well. You can use cloud-based software applications to be connected and available to customers who want real-time support for their issues and queries. Having IT support for your customer support team is a must for a business that wants its service to be up and running all the time. You cannot afford to be unavailable because availability translates into trust and credibility for the brand. Just be there to resolve their problems every time they need you and they will stay.

Leverage the unconventional

Apart from creating the best experiences and being available round the clock with customer services, thinking out of the box is the best way to build brand awareness. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can be used in the form of Chatbots to converse with customers around the clock. Similarly, you can leverage voice technology and smart speakers for giving your brand a voice of its own. Nothing impresses the customers more than a brand that has a conversational interface which lets them search products by merely speaking their names. Platforms like Alexa and Google Home are the best way to get started with the use of voice technology.

Empower your business with cybersecurity

Strong cybersecurity has the potential for taking your brand ahead and IT can go a long way in empowering your business against cyber threats. Customers entrust business with their personal and financial data and any loss or breach of this data can put your brand at risk. They will no longer trust you or come back to shop again. In the worst-case scenario, the business may end up facing legal implications as well. Having a tech partner that takes care of your cybersecurity needs is imperative to maintain the integrity and value of your brand in the long run. If you think that technology has nothing to do with branding, you are mistaken. The truth is that it is integral to keeping your brand in good health and ensuring that it always stays on the top.

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