Confirmit VOE Survey iPhone
Confirmit VOE Survey iPhone

Billions of people are connected these days by mobile phones, wearable devices and all manner of ‘app-cessories’. But among all this, one thing is sure to remain constant: the customer is at the heart of business success.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been around far longer than people may imagine. Customer-centric organizations have used CEM approaches to varying degrees of success since long before dedicated technology was introduced. However, to do this well, you need time and resources, both of which have become increasingly precious as businesses have expanded.

CEM solutions are designed to ‘take the strain’ when managing the complexities of the customer relationship, and go further and deeper in actually driving that relationship to encourage loyalty and longevity. Most customer interactions now cover a range of channels: mobile, social media, online, telephone, face-to-face, so CEM solutions are designed to support these channels across critical customer touch-points. This can transform the way businesses are able to analyze, understand, and most importantly, act on, the customer experience.

In an increasingly customer-driven market, the focus needs to be on improving the way a customer-centric workforce can harness ever-growing amounts of data to understand and predict the cultural and personal interests and preferences of every customer.

Confirmit has spent over two decades establishing themselves as the world’s leading solutions experts in Customer Experience (CX), Employee Engagement, and Market Research (MR) programs. Confirmit solutions, which support world-class CX programs around the world, have been designed to deliver positive business outcomes and a measurable return on investment. These solutions can be supported where required by dedicated and tailored consultancy services.

So how is Confirmit different? Many CEM offerings cater to one particular process or stage of the customer experience, and therefore need to be integrated with a range of other technologies in order to deliver a complete solution.

Confirmit approaches the customer experience differently, recognizing that the journey requires comprehensive and holistic management in order to be accurate and reflective of reality. As a result, their suite of solutions allows organizations to manage the complete customer experience lifecycle from end to end – from program definition and design to analysis, reporting, and action management. In addition, the Confirmit Horizons solution is multi-channel, providing customers with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all their feedback programs.

With a large focus on R&D, Confirmit caters to the latest approaches, the most appropriate updates or new solutions that address the rapidly changing customer landscape.

Scalability is also critical. Confirmit ensures that whether clients have a few hundred respondents, or a few million, there is no loss of performance and requirements are met in a cost-effective way.

Additional products can then be integrated with the platform depending on clients’ specific needs, including: Confirmit Genius Text Analytics and Confirmit Genius Social Analytics solutions; Confirmit Action Management for identifying and taking action to resolve customer issues; and a range of mobile-specific solutions for gathering feedback and taking action through the mobile channel, including Confirmit AskMe. Confirmit’s suite of products can also be integrated with other data-rich business systems, including CRM platforms such as Salesforce.

From the perspective of delivery to clients, a combination of services and consultancy is used for Customer Experience Management, since that encompasses the technological, methodological, and programmatic aspects needed to deliver enhanced customer experiences and driving business outcomes.

As more and more businesses recognize the role that employees play in CEM, Confirmit believes the industry as a whole will take an increasingly agile approach when it comes to collecting feedback from employees and their solutions are at the forefront of this evolution in the market.

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