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Vikash Varma, President & CEO, ArgyleData

Argyle Data, Inc: Big Data Fraud and Revenue Analytics for the Mobile Communications Sector

Everywhere we look we are constantly reminded that we are living in an increasingly connected world. In 2014 over 1.5 billion smartphone and tablets shipped vs. 308 million portable PCs and desktop PCs. We...
Todd Nash, President & Principal, CBIG

CBIG Consulting: Providing Extensive Services EffectivelyTo All Industry Sectors Around The World

CBIG’s Big Data analytics and BI service offerings get to the heart of the central challenge: “What practical solutions can a given enterprise employ to positively impact its business and drive it forward?” CBIG’s...
Max Steckler, Vice President, CDK Global

CDK Global, LLC: Focused On Managing Data Solutions For Automotive Retail Customers

Companies with a vision and plan for the future are always the ones positioned for success. CDK is one such company that functions based on this principle and is constantly looking for new ways...
Gavin LaRowe, CEO

ChalkLabs: Pathfinding and Knowledge Discovery for Large Organizations

The amount of data being produced today is expanding at an astronomical rate. Some experts indicate that there will be a 4300% increase in the annual amount of data generated around the world by...