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Peter Zonneveld, Co-Founder and CEO, Greenclouds

The Intercloud: The Cloud Of Clouds

CIOs of large corporations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy- since one cloud does not fit all. Since they have a large International user base with a complex and large application landscape they need multiple...
Rohit Verma, CEO & Co-Founder, ClearFunnel, LLC

ClearFunnel, LLC: Removing Risk with Innovative Subscription Model

In the current times, all technology options available to customers for executing their Big Data projects are highly complex in terms of several moving parts, long timelines and big budgets, while providing only minimal...
Cindy Ford, President, WTI

WTI : From Big Data to Actionable Data

Volume, Velocity and Variety – the 3 Vs – have traditionally been the key factors that determine how successfully Big Data is handled. WTI’s Technical Lead for Defense Programs, Phil Yoon, views these as...
Basit Hamid, CEO, Elixir Technologies

Elixir Technologies & Tango+

With the 2015 release of Tango+, Elixir has emerged as a pioneer, again. Tango+ is the first communication and content management system engineered for the cloud; and SaaS pricing makes it affordable for more...
Rohit Chauhan, Co-Founder, Big Data Cognition

Big Data Cognition: Complete Big Data EDW Solutions For Actionable Intelligence

Big Data analytics requires a hybrid and expansive set of skills; hands on cutting edge Big Data technology expertise coupled with deep knowledge of statistical techniques and algorithms. This has created an acute and...
Janet Dorenkott, Founder, Relational Solutions

Relational Solutions: Leaders In Data Integration And Business Intelligence Space

Big Data is more than a buzz word these days, it is heard everywhere. It represents a huge business prospect. Big Data promises to solve almost all problems by combining the power of modern...
Joe Burke CEO Linium

Linium: Positioning Organizations to Grow Confidently and Achieve Enterprise Scale

In a rapidly changing market, CIOs are challenged with providing a better and faster customer experience when it comes to the products, services or experiences they sell. Cloud Computing is a "Digital Disrupter" that...
Uttam Bandugula, CEO, CogniByte

CogniByte – Providing Synergistic Big Data Solutions

Even though cloud computing has emerged as a great solution for data management for global corporations, managing the huge amount of data clusters still remains a big challenge. Big Data platform like Hadoop, NoSQL,...
Sudharsan (Suda) Madabusi, President & CEO, Treselle Systems, Inc

Treselle Systems, Inc: Helping customers conquer Big Data Challenges

Treselle Systems has rich experience in building products in the big data space. According to the company Strategy & Roadmap, Architecture & Technology, Data Variety, Disparate Data Sources, Disparate Data Stores, Disparate Data Delivery,...
REAN Cloud


While speaking of cloud service providers who have been serving Enterprise IT clients for several years, REAN Cloud is one of the top providers that come to mind. As a full-service Cloud IT solutions...