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Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman, Pacific Controls

Pacific Controls: Committed to Clients by being an end-to-end provider

Taking a look at the year 2015, it is evident that a lot of focus was given to enhancing aftermarket services by OEMs and in gathering business intelligence by leveraging huge amount of machine...
Richard Hermann, CEO, Solar Rig Technologies LLC

Solar Rig Technologies LLC: Exploring the New Horizons of Creativity

Solar Rig Technologies is a Systems Integrator that manufactures their own branded products, combining these products with an IoT software wrapper solution accessible through the web. They are also an OEM manufacture that performs...
Ric Asselstine, CEO, Terepac Corporation

Terepac Corporation: Delivering complete IoT Solutions For Today and Tomorrow

With today’s ever changing technical landscape it is becoming clear that businesses are not yet prepared to take on the Internet of Things (IoT). Terepac has been instrumental in assisting these companies with their...
Pratul Shroff, Founder & CEO, eInfochips

eInfochips : Providing Custom Solutions with Better Scalability and ROI

Current trends in IoT proliferation across different verticals are being tempered by challenges that enterprises face while adopting IoT, observes Pratul Shroff , the Founder & CEO of eInfochips. eInfochips offers – a unique IoT...
Chandran Sankaran, Founder & CEO, Zyme

Simplify Customer Buying Decision Process using Channel Data Management

For companies that manufacture tangible products, the Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically increasing the complexity of the distribution of those products through indirect sales channels – distributors, retailers, resellers, and integrators.
Kunjan Dalal, CEO, AuroSys Solutions

AuroSys Solutions, LLC: Driven by Innovation and Growth

AuroSys was originally founded as a Hardware and Embedded Systems Designing & Development company and inspired by the customer demands. AuroSys evolved into a complete solution provider gaining expertise in Chip Level Programming, Embedded...