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Cyber Security

Bob Karschnia, VP/GM of Wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions

IIoT Wireless Cybersecurity

Most Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications will utilize some type of wireless communication network for transmitting data collected by sensors to host systems. These host systems use the sensor data for control, monitoring...
John Brady, CISO, Secure-24

Vendor Management: It’s a Risky Business

Just like exercising and getting sufficient sleep, we often discuss managing our vendors, suppliers and partners better. However, industry surveys continue to show a lack of attention to the assessment and management of vendors...
Walter Paley, Director, Marketing , SafeLogic

HBO’s Silicon Valley Foreshadows Possible Federal Storyline

Recently, HBO’s hit series Silicon Valley made reference to the once-esoteric FIPS 140-2 validation process for encryption. In the show, the massive Hooli juggernaut is pulling out all the stops to stake claim to...
John Parkinson, Affiliate Partner, Waterstone Management Group

A life of (cyber) crime

It seems as if cybercrime is in the mainstream media more and more often these days – and with good reason, if not an understanding of what’s actually going on. There are plenty of...
Barry Barlow, Senior VP & CTO, Vencore, Inc.

The emerging cyber landscape

By Barry Barlow, Senior VP & CTO, Vencore, Inc. “You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?” As the delineation between cybercrime and state-sponsored attacks grows more nebulous, coincident with widespread adoption of...
Carl Herberger, Vice President of Security, Radware

Pay the ransom, and then pay some more: Security teams should bet on defense

By Carl Herberger, Vice President of Security, Radware When a movie character is kidnapped, paying the ransom doesn’t always result in the hostage’s release. Quite often, the kidnappers simply ask for more money. In real life,...